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  1. Hi! I'm sure you love the work that you do, but I can understand why you would prefer my view I have to say, one of the best things about where I work is that I get to see all of the new/remodeled ships when they come into port. I was already booked on the Mariner when she docked here in Miami, and I was literally jumping up and down with excitement when I first saw her! Pretty sure some of my co-workers thought I was a little bit crazy!! I remember when Symphony docked, I thought holy crap that's a big ship!! I've also been able to see the new terminal being built from the ground up. I
  2. VolFanInGa - Hi! The JW Marriott is a beautiful hotel. You will love it! As far as dinner, I guess it depends on what type of food you would like! In the downtown area, Fratelli Milano has amazing, fresh Italian food. Cvi.che 105 has some of the freshest ceviche and seafood you could ever have. Just across the Brickell Bridge (about a two minute Uber ride from your hotel), you have Capital Grille. It's probably one of the best known restaurants in the area. Brickell has a ton of really good restaurants. If you have a couple of hours to spare and want dinner with a view, you can go to
  3. I'm the first to admit that I'm always complaining about Miami traffic (and Miami drivers)! But I think our weather kind of makes up for it a little bit
  4. I admit I haven't really been keeping up with Royal Caribbean news, so when I saw this ship from my office window this morning, I was a bit surprised! After staring at the bow for a little bit, I was finally able to read the name, Navigator of the Seas! She looks absolutely amazing! We went on Mariner last year, and would love to go on Navigator in the near future.
  5. Hello fellow cruisers! We just returned from our vacation on the Mariner of the Seas. I wanted to do a review, and hopefully answer any questions you guys have about the cruise. I will include information regarding restrictions for age/height for the on-board activities, since I did not find many answers to these questions before our cruise. About us: Me (the mom, and planner of all family vacations!) My husband, (the dad, and the one that does not want to know a thing about the vacation until it's time to pack!) We have two sons - our oldest, who I will call RS, is 9 years old, and our you
  6. Thanks so much for your review! I will be on Mariner next Monday and found your tips really helpful. I'm prone to motion sickness on rides that have virtual reality, so I'll be sure to not use the VR glasses on Skypad. My son will definitely enjoy it, though!
  7. Like I said, it's definitely not easy! But, I think after so many years of having this view, you kind of get used to it. Although I have to say, I'm always impressed when I watch the ships turning around to leave the port. It's amazing how they can just turn in a circle in such a small space!
  8. Believe me, it's not easy! I'm on the 41st floor and have a clear view of the entire port. Monday's are the best, when all of the ships are lined up in a neat little row!
  9. I've been counting down the days until she arrived at port. Here she is as seen from my office window! July 23rd can't come soon enough!!
  10. Thanks everyone for the responses! I guess I'll just have to book another cruise next year so that he's old enough to do it
  11. It's been several years since my husband and I have taken a cruise, and this will be the first cruise for our boys! We are on the July sailing on Mariner. My four year old is pretty adventurous, and I'm sure he will want to do the rock climbing wall. Is there an age/weight restriction for this attraction? Thanks!
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