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  1. Good luck. We were on Indy a couple weeks back, and the night sky from the helipad rivaled some of my more remote backpacking trips. On our last night at sea, my 9yo daughter spotted a satellite! It was one of our favorite things to do post dinner. We often had the whole space to ourselves.
  2. @Lauren123 I don't recall recall getting an email. I took a screenshot when I redeemed it. I was getting nervous, and did call Royal a couple months before the trip. The customer service rep was able to see the OBC on my booking, and she emailed me a copy of my reservation that showed my gift cert redeemed per their record.
  3. Lauren - we had the same experience with the Gift Certificates my mom gave me. They never showed in the Cruise planner prior to the trip. Also, bring the record of your redemption with you on board. We were missing one $50 GC on my account on Indy last week. Guest Services had to call and have details emailed to the purser on board to have it applied. It all worked out in the end, but it was 2-3 stops at Guest Svcs I would have preferred to avoid.
  4. Just off Indy today, and the Sky Pad was closed the whole voyage. We had a reservation for the first sea day, and we did not learn of its closing until we were on board. Needless to say, the kids were bummed. Anyone know how long the Sky Pad has been closed?
  5. @klc317 Looks like a fun day to extend the vacation a bit before heading home. can you share the name of the sanctuary you happened across? We're heading down that way this weekend.
  6. @tonyfsu21 We're headed down this weekend for the April 1 IOS cruise. We are planning to visit Coopertown air boats on Sunday for an Everglades tour, then off to the Ernest Coe Visitor Center to get the girls' national park passports stamped. We'd like to visit the Biscayne Bay National Park visitor center as well, but not sure how much we'd gt out of the visit besides a stamp. Curious for a locals opinion on the Sunday plan. BTW, congrats on making it back to the Sweet 16. Hope you get your rematch with Michigan this weekend.
  7. Awesome. I'm NE of Atlanta, just barely in Gwinnett. 8 days and counting
  8. April 1, huh? Must be on IOS. Same here. We're planning to hang out at Blue Kay. We have 2 kids and don't want the obligation to stay all day at an all inclusive. We'll stay at Blue Kay as long as everyone is having fun, then head back to the ship. May see you in a little over a week!
  9. That would be the Zumba cruise. Gonna be a tough act to follow. https://www.zumba-cruise.com/
  10. I pity the spouses of a lot of the posters over there. I can close the tab and move on with my day. Their husbands, wives and kids cannot. So glad I found this site. @Matt and his "micro machines man" video narration is growing on me.
  11. Thanks for the tips. We'll be in town for meetings, and typically like to take customers out to cool local places with creative menus. Cvi.che 105 looks amazing.
  12. What part of MN? Used to live in Elk River, and work in Minnetonka. Sadly, I miss a real winter. Granted, I was ready for it to be gone by March, but I do miss the snow.
  13. Now that is a view! Off topic, but I'll be staying nearby at the JW Marriott at the end of April, and I'd love to get some recommendations for a nice dinner spot near our hotel.
  14. What a crappy port to be left behind in...
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