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  1. VolFanInGa

    Missed the Boat!

    What a crappy port to be left behind in...
  2. Sounds like your T/A is on the right track. This is on the US State Dept website. A parent or legal guardian departing Mexico with minor children should carry a notarized consent letter from the other parent if traveling separately. INM requires at least one parent to complete a SAM (Formato de Salida de Menores) for all minors departing Mexico with a third party. Travelers should contact the Mexican Embassy in Washington, D.C., the nearest Mexican consulate, or INM for more information. Link to the page https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/Mexico.html
  3. VolFanInGa

    Deluxe Drink Package without using OBC

    When you go to check out, you hsould have an option like the one below to either use OBC or not.
  4. Water, lemonade, milk, tea and juices (from concentrate) not fresh squeezed are included. Because of that, we are not buying the soda pkg or our kids. We're sailing with a 6 & 9 yo this Spring, and we plan to carry on a case of Capri-sun or juice boxes. Those are more so to have a packaged beverage option for them at the pool and in the room. They are both pretty good water drinkers, but we want to make sure they both drink plenty.
  5. I find myself tracking Indy's webcam several times a week. Today I noticed she was in Costa Maya, and yesterday she was in Cozumel. Her planned itinerary was for her to be in Costa Maya on wed the 6th, and Cozumel today. I know schedules are subject to change, however this one seems odd since both ports have plenty of pier space, and are relatively close together. Aside from gaining insight from a current passenger, do any of you fine folks know how I may learn the reason for her change?
  6. VolFanInGa

    St. Thomas

    We've only been to St Thomas once. On our visit, we sailed on the Rumbaba. It is a 37' sailboat that was the highlight of our shore excursions. All inclusive and a great lunch. https://rumbabacharters.com/ They only allow 6 guests, so it is not crowded at all. Check it out.
  7. VolFanInGa

    Independence of the seas terminal

    @melski94 is right. When I've looked up her webcam, on embarkation day, she's parallel parked at 18. This was Thursday the 31st. https://www.royalcaribbean.co.uk/our-ships/independence-of-the-seas/live-camera/#royal-caribbean-independence-of-the-seas/i/5c5356239847360001042981
  8. VolFanInGa

    The KEY

    Good morning, @twangster- Have you noticed if the special Flowrider times are published in the Compass this week?
  9. VolFanInGa

    Kids and motion sickness

    Another option for your kids may be Sea-bands. We have them for our kids' upcoming first cruise in April. They are a relatively cheap alternative to medicines. My brother and niece swear by them. I think we purchased two pair for under $10.
  10. You are correct. Also, the higher decks on the aft have less of an obstructed view.
  11. VolFanInGa

    New promotion - Delux Bev $44

    Still stuck on $49 for Indy in early April. I think I'd pull the trigger if it got to the $44 range. If one of our stops was an RCI island, I'd have already bought it for my wife and me.
  12. VolFanInGa

    Sea sick April Cruise?

    While I cannot predict the weather, April is a dryer season in the Caribbean. There have been good recommendations about medication to take to combat motion sickness. Many medicines come with side effects. We are taking sea bands for our girls this spring. My brother and sister in law have had great luck with them, and we've already purchased some. We'll probably take some Bonine as well.
  13. VolFanInGa

    Value of OBC to you?

    Price is the deciding factor for me as well. One scenario that would lead me to favor the OBC route is if it is more than a 1 for 1. ie Cruise fare is $90 more but current promo also includes an incremental $100+ in OBC. I actually had the opposite happen to me not long after I booked my upcoming cruise. Originally booked our fare +$125 OBC. Less than a month later, a new promo resulted in a fare reduction of over $170. With that change, the OBC went down to $50. I still netted a $90 savings, so I was happy.
  14. VolFanInGa

    Aft Balconies

    Thanks for the great pics @WhiteSoxFan. We're going to be next door to that cabin in April. Do you recall any noise with WJ directly above you?
  15. VolFanInGa

    Indy ice skating

    Thanks everyone. Only 85 more days and counting.