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  1. Go to the very top of this page, look under events, those are the official, anything else is well, unofficial.
  2. Oasis 5, as of yet un-named as far as I know, due out in 2021.
  3. I saw CK on the Anthem GC and booked online for a couple of the nights, but I don't see it on my upcoming Harmony cruise so I plan on having the Concierge make them for me. Have to have the Filet that first night.
  4. You and DW can debate that after she's had El Loco. When you want some real Mexican food come to Oklahoma or South Texas, IMO. (Get some of the Texan's excited now)
  5. We are going on a B2B June 14th and 21st, we also cannot wait. Wife will be upset about Sabor, this was one of our favorites besides the Sabor on Liberty, but I think she will get over it with El Loco Fresh. I've gotten her now to where she loves Izumi, so that will be a win.
  6. In the Caribbean, I never take my Passport on shore, goes in the safe and stays locked up. In Europe I take my passport with me on all excursions, I don't remember ever being asked for it, but I had it none the less. As you say, it's a personal decision.
  7. Harmony as far as I know, there are no push notifications, you have to know to check the APP for messages. The chat is three dots in a cloud in the upper right hand corner (iPhone) of the screen.
  8. Now that's funny, I don't care who you are...
  9. You have found the right place to ask question, this message board is great, it you had found it pre-cruise maybe your expectations would have been different. Going forward, if you choose Royal for another cruise, you can ask questions on here and get answers that will help.
  10. Matt will usually post it on the main blog page when it gets released, I'm assuming some form of press release that he qualifies for.
  11. If you go in to the web site and do a mock booking for 2020 you will see March and April are blacked out, that is a good indication of when the AMPED will be.
  12. It will depend on the ship, the older ships use older satellite connectivity and are slower, the newer ships have newer satellites and are faster. I'm assuming here that you are referencing a Caribbean sailing, because Alaska and other parts of the globe change this. IMO, yes, it is worth it, my wife can keep up with her Facebook and games and even stream movies. But I will let the expert answer your actual speed question, @twangster ?
  13. This is correct, you have to logoff, merely turning the device off will not log you off of the account.
  14. Pinging @Traveler and @mom2mybugs , traveler has been multiple times and I believe mom2mybugs just went to similar ports, if not the same ones.
  15. We ate there in July, best Fish and Chips I've ever had, but we live in a land locked state so maybe no real comparison. Wife had the shepherds pie. I would go back and eat there again.
  16. That is true, and I did look for you among the other 5997 people on board the Allure.
  17. Yes, this is correct, I have a Harmony sailing in October, plan on using my Diamond+ discount on board if the on board price is reasonable, if not, I won't buy a package. I will just go to the Diamond lounge or the Suite lounge and have drinks there.
  18. For me, yes, this is the case, I'm Diamond+ now, so if I want to buy it and the onboard price is reduced I will use my 30% discount and buy it, otherwise I won't. My actual point was, if the price is to steep I will leave it alone, I will either use my Diamond privileges (3 free drinks) or Diamond lounge or Suite Lounge and get the drinks I want. I will not freely just pay any price, it has to be justified and worth the price IMO, then I will pay it.
  19. Sea days we are usually in the Solarium if we can find chairs, otherwise we are wandering around people watching. Hopefully we will run into each other.
  20. I wouldn't relay on getting an email from Casino Royal, I would just occasionally continue to call them and check on your available offers. I was getting emails from them every week and I haven't gotten one from them since the end of June. There is also a web site you can put in your last name and C&A number for available offers, but I can't find the link.
  21. It's still giving me the error, so it is the site and not on your end.
  22. I think you would love Oasis amped or not, I've been on Allure 3 times, Oasis 1, Harmony 1, going on Harmony in October for #2 , have Symphony scheduled for 2020, Oasis 2021 and Allure again in 2021. To be fair I have Freedom schedule for a B2B in 2020, that will be my 4th and 5th time on her.
  23. I get what you are saying and I agree, you have to find a product you like and probably stick with it, I've tried NCL, Princess and Disney, I chose Royal. We've all seen the post on here from people that post 1 time then they are gone, Royal probably wasn't for them. I've actually started DVR'ing a show on AWE channel called "Dream Cruises" I'm probably way behind on this, seems like it's been out there for awhile, but it has opened my eyes to a few things, mostly things that I'm really glad that Royal does the way they do them, also ports of call, there are some really beautiful places out there and places I saw that I said, no way I do not want to go there, even saw a ship that is half cruise ship and half cargo ship, it cruises really tiny ports in the South Pacific, looked really cool though.
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