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  1. Empress on Oct 5th (5 night coco cay and key west), just the wife and I and then Rhapsody next april (7 night western caribbean) with our 7 year old daughter.
  2. We've never had any problems. I just pack them in the daily container thing and keep in my carryon for flights and cruises. Nobody has ever said a word and I travel alot.
  3. We got that email saying they would honor it too. I really didn't expect them to and wouldn't have been upset if they didn't but we will take it.....its for our cruise next April. We were looking at taking a short vacation this fall and ended up booking a 5 night cruise in October yesterday with the 4th of July sale. There generosity and owning their mistake was a factor in that decision, I appreciate that!
  4. We are booked on an April 2020 cruise on Rhapsody. Have never been on the ship but have been on Enchantment which is close to the same setup albeit a longer ship. We enjoyed it
  5. Yea, the sports teams are a disastrous disappointment lately I'll give you that. But I sure do love a cheese coney and a 4-way from Skyline. Some LaRosas and some Graeters aint too bad either.
  6. Interesting discovery we've made over the past several cruises. There are several Skyline chili locations in Florida not far from the ports. One very near Ft Lauderdale and one in Clearwater if you're cruising from Tampa. Seems to hit the spot if you have time before your flight home after a cruise.....we usually have evening flights home to works out for us.
  7. We've used SAS transportation several times for the same trip and have been pleased and happy with their service and prices. They have some big newer Ford Transit vans and have plenty of room for luggage. Usually when we get back we have flights later in the evening so we rent a car and drive up and down the A1A and check out some beaches and sights in between Miami and Ft Lauderdale for the day. Lots of really beautiful homes, exotic cars you don't always see, and beautiful beaches.
  8. Thats one of my favorite things about cruising. Finding a dark/isolated spot up high on the ship at night.....the stars and views are so much more vibrant and visible way out at sea.
  9. I would love to try that itinerary sometime, looks so interesting. Just the cost of the flights is kinda out of our budget and makes it unreasonable.
  10. I found it at Walmart actually. Cant remember the brand name offhand but they work as well as a Yeti and look just like them. Just get the 16oz can size (they are taller) and work just fine with the screw top 16s they serve on the ship.
  11. Ive never ordered one but I'd think they give you the same type of screw on top aluminum bottles if you are getting main stream beer brands
  12. 16 oz aluminum screw top bottle are what they serve for your main stream beer brands. I bought an off brand aluminum Yeti type can cooler for the 16 oz ones and have had it on several cruises now. Its like a taller 12 oz can Yeti but holds the odd shaped 16oz AL. bottles just fine. Its funny because I walk up to the bar and because of that the bartenders always recognize me immediately and know I'm the guy with that can cooler and like Miller Lite...lol. They've even asked to hold it and check it out which is fine with me.
  13. Yes....lol We went through two on our last cruise. I just hit up the guest services desk on an off hour with no line and got new ones....twice!
  14. We will try one of the Oasis class ships in the next few years....hopefully!
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