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  1. Don’t buy insurance from AON TRAVEL fighting them to get refund or transfer to another cruise. Sad part RCL recommends this. (living in NY this is who was recommend. )
  2. https://www.elrincondeltripulante.xyz/2020/06/pullmanturs-ships-will-be-returned-to.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR0MYsaR5Raqmp2t5-p398gYzs8R10zI5fhSdM617K8NKrh5W-uThfzs2hM
  3. We are on Symphony next year JR suite heard in passing about coastal kitchen. What is it?(Yes I know you can eat there) is it anything special? do you need reservations?
  4. got our Cabin decided to go down couple decks more quiet........anyone stay in this cabin or deck..........I know port side is nicer view of Maimi (second time out of Miami last one was on MSC Seaside) 1 yr ago............who knew at that time when I saw SOS I told my daughter some day when I have a little extra we can sail her (OMEN perhaps) IMG_7515.MOV
  5. Ok so I did Land S from FOS Aug 2020 to Symphony July 2021..........(owed over 2k RC said they will fix) but now I owe 318 for fees and taxes...........anyone else L and S from one class ship to another and owe? Should I call fight this now too?
  6. well they fixed the price but for anyone wanting to do a lift and shift beware you will most likely owe fee and taxes!!!!!!!!! I owe 318 dollars guess I should have waited got the 125 FCC now my 300 OBC is a wash!
  7. just did was wondering if anyone else had that issue
  8. so I lifted and shifted this am now I am showing a balance that I owe!!!!!!! anyone know if this is correct do I need to call Royal!
  9. they wont let me lift and shift from FOS to SOS so better off taking 125 credit
  10. so now i may be better off taking the 125 fcc................

  11. argh did not know had to be same class ship for lift and shift so take my money back


  12. ok I am planning on lifting and shifting my Aug FOS to Symphony next year my daughter saw pictures of it and recalls seeing 1 yr ago when we sailed on MSC out of Miami. question we have JR suite deck 9 FOS on SOS which deck would you recommend I will try to get a hump cabin so I have option of decks 14, 12 11 10 and 9 pros and cons? I will do port side nicer view of Miami only few cabins left,
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