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  1. Thank you everyone for your kind suggestions on how to solve my problem. I really do appreciate everyone that took the time to post solutions that may be taken to solve my problem. I do mean this from the bottom of my heart. Unfortunately, i'm afraid that some people have completely missed my point of view. I feel that it is not the responsibility of Travis to accommodate Royal Caribbean but in fact, Royal Caribbean should be bending over backwards to accommodate Travis. Before my daughter was sent to Iraq I thought like most people. "As long as you come back in one piece you'll b
  2. The day of the cruise Travis, my daughter and I will be taking a shuttle to the Atlanta airport. Go through the airport and find our gate. Fly from Atlanta to Orlando. Go though the Orlando airport and pick up luggage. From there we take a shuttle from the airport to the ship terminal. The day is only half over and at this point, even I will be tired and yes.. Stressed out! I can only imagine what Travis will be going through. The point I was trying to get Royal Caribbean to understand is, Travis should not have to set in a crowded terminal waiting to get on board the ship after going t
  3. This coming Sunday on September 11 my daughter and her boyfriend will be joining me on a cruise to the Caribbean. We will be sailing on freedom of the seas and up till now all three of us have been over the top excited about the cruise. My daughter and I have been on many cruises together and have always had a great time. This will be the very first cruise that Travis, my daughters boyfriend will be on. Both Travis and my daughter have been to Iraq and both were wounded there. Travis suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was literally blown up from a bomb. Because of this injury, his
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