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  1. I heard Anthem was dropping anchor near Coco Cay. Just got off the ship this morning in Bayonne. They are heading back to Bahamas.
  2. Hi - I’m currently on the Anthem. There has been increased cleaning routinely around the ship but I have not noticed any harsh smells (and I’m pregnant, my nose smells everything)! Just lots of hand sanitizer everywhere! Tough call but good luck!
  3. Currently on Anthem and have had no issues whatsoever (fingers crossed). They did mandatory temp screening upon initial checkin, but that was very quick and also pretty comforting to know that anyone with a fever would be taken for more screening. Definitely an increased awareness for washing and sanitizing. All passengers I’ve seen have been very compliant and are washing before Windjammer, etc. Really have not noticed any sick folks on the ship! Just seems pretty normal. Stopped in Port Canaveral yesterday and no issue. Today Nassau. Tomorrow CoCo Cay. It’s been a great relaxing trip so far and prayers it continues this way! Happy, healthy and cruising!
  4. Boarded just fine on iPhone. Enjoying the warmth and breeze from the balcony. Ahhhhh.
  5. Just wondering if I truly do need to print my Set Sail passes (as it states in the Guest Ticket Booklet). We have them on our phones and saved in our Apple Wallet. I may print as backup, but debating whether it's necessary?? Can I just show on my phone?
  6. Experienced cruisers.... do you know what the deepest discount RC will offer on the beverage packages is? Right now they are doing 30% off. Should I snag that now? Or could it go lower? Is it truly a savings to buy it now vs. on the ship? Thanks!
  7. Any advice for switching staterooms on a sold out ship? I call daily right now to see if anything has opened up. I’m wondering if there are “no-shows” when we board if I may be able to switch then? I booked GTY balcony category and am on deck 13. Very nervous about the sound from deck 14 on Anthem. I know this is the risk I took! Open to any advice!!! Thanks. Sailing is in 2 weeks!
  8. Port Canaveral Nassau CoCo Cay && thanks for the info!
  9. Will be going on Anthem in 19 days with my daughter (17 months). 50+ friends & family going for my brothers wedding. Best excursion recommendations and things to do on the ship for toddlers? First time cruising with a little one.... thanks!
  10. GTY balcony confirmed 19 days out from sailing!
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