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  1. I guess we'll ask about a junior suite upgrade - already in a comfort balcony stateroom
  2. We are not cancelling our Saturday the 14th Adventure of the seas 8 day cruise. Looking forward to it. Hoping RCCL doesn't cancel it
  3. I guess Im not using seascanner correctly - cant find that info
  4. We are leaving Saturday the 14th on Adventurer of the sea. My wife and I are both 63 and not afraid of this corona virus. I've been monitoring RCC and their sites to see whats going on. I see they added hand sanitizer stations all over the ship, their going to clean staterooms 2 times a day and clean high traffic common areas every 30 minutes, (that to me sounds like continuous cleaning) of the casino, the shops, the bars, the restaurants, the activity decks, pool etc. I have our own Cold-Eeze, hand sanitizers and other meds. Cold-Eeze lozenges to coat the back of the throat, (thought to be where the Corona virus enters the body) and we intend to sanitize our hands after the playing at the casino, the bars, the bathrooms, the shows etc. Ill have dried up hands but so what - Ill stay well. I hope someone else leaving this Saturday replies to this but either way, Ill report back after, (and during) the cruise Happy Sailing!
  5. Thanks all. Sounds like we're going to love it..
  6. We're on March 14. Hope you enjoy your trip and TY for the response.
  7. Thank you Matt. Glad to hear! I actually called RC a few months back and asked if there was an issue we needed to know about.
  8. We booked a cruise on the Adventurer of the seas but all I ever see in the ads are other ships in the fleet but never the Adventurer. Did we make a mistake? Should we have done Allure or one of the other ships?
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