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  1. Thank you! We decided that for the money we would do the beach club instead of the bed. Drink service and lunch not to far away!
  2. We signed up for this- can't wait to experiment. When I go to get sushi, I am usually too chicken to try anything new on my own. ?
  3. Is there lunch served in the English Pub?
  4. I purchased the deluxe package, but then read the fine print at the bottom about the maximum of $12 per drink. I then looked for examples of drinks menus for Symphony on line and it seems that most of the fun mixed drinks are $13 and up ?. If I want to order one of these would I have to pay out of pocket for them, or does someone with the deluxe package get a $12 credit for each drink and have to pay the difference? Thanks!
  5. Just reserved a beach bed, but it looks a long way from food/drinks. Does anyone know if are there servers roaming around to take orders?
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