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  1. Tack on top of the traffic due to the launch, there are 4 ships (including Mariner) in port that day. Oy vey - the traffic.... @tonyfsu21 We will be in the Beachline parking lot, too. Guess I will need to pack my patience and leave early. BTW - Go Noles!!! And FYI - Playmakers on Sunday 9/4 @ 7:30 p.m. for the FSU Watch Party!!
  2. We sailed on Harmony in May, and there was a long line outside. However, it was because the Coast Guard was doing their annual ship inspection and no one was allowed on the ship until it was finished. So, everything was backed up. Luckily, we were Star Class and were quickly shuttled through the process and waited in a standing room only suite lounge. Once allowed on board, I remember looking at the long line from our balcony. The line was backed up to the gargage entrance. I have never seen it like that before. It is amazing that an hour delay in boarding can cause such a ripple down effect. Thinking back, I'm not sure I would have waited in that line. Instead, I think I would have walked to one of the near by restaurants to have a cold drink and let the line die down a little. Thank goodness I didn't have to make that choice. That said my advice is to have your test result printed along with your vaccination card and passport easily accessible for the port agents to check. So much time is wasted by people trying to hunt down their test results on their phones, or digging through their bags for their vaccination card or passports. Having everything ready to go makes this step in the boarding process seemless, and the agents are happy to assist you and get you moving along. Enjoy your cruise!
  3. @[email protected] @CGTLH thank you! All of this information has helped!! Very much, appreciated!!
  4. Thanks! We’ve been to PC many times on Royal, but Star Class has a different set up, from what I understand. Trying to understand. However, I do appreciate you helping out a fellow cruiser!
  5. So, can anyone explain the drop off of luggage at the Star Class banner at Port Canaveral and parking your own car? It’s our first Star Class experience, so we have researched everywhere to find out how the process of dropping of luggage and parking you own car works at PC Should some of the party stay with the luggage while the driver leaves to park? I’m probably way overthinking how this process works (can’t help it - I’m a planner), but it was a bone of contention last night (OK - stupidly arguing) over what happens - drop off luggage, park car, go through security, etc. Any enlightenment will be greatly appreciated and maybe get me out of the doghouse TIA
  6. @WAAAYTOOO @twangster. &. @jay1021 Thank you all for your insight!! Very much appreciated!
  7. Does anyone know if there is a limit to how many devices you can set up with Voom in a Star Class Suite? I know each person gets it, but is is one device per person? TIA
  8. @Cruisin and Boozin Any idea how many guests are on board this cruise? We are on Harmony in a couple of weeks, so curious how full the ship feels. TIA
  9. I’m following! We are on Harmony next month. Been on Harmony before, but not Star Class. Most curious about port arrival and the process for actually getting on the ship. TIA! Have a great cruise! Enjoy! And safe travels to the port
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