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  1. What you did was perfect. Don't listen to what others say.
  2. Typically they will require the other person to purchase the Refreshment package when an exception is made.
  3. I was trying to decide if it was worth it when it was $54. Now it is $199. Definitely not worth it now.
  4. If I reprice a cruise, do I lose pre-cruise deals like discounted beverage package?
  5. If you are on the ship now, your cabin steward should have left instructions for disembarking that would tell you what time you can get off with luggage tag nine.
  6. You can't reserve shows on the Navigator. only larger ships like Oasis class and Quantum class.
  7. I was able to book them for Harmony and Navigator in the cruise planner. Not sure if Oasis had an escape room before the revamp, so this may be why you are not seeing it yet.
  8. Navigator, Mariner and Symphony also have them.
  9. Definitely per day, plus 18% gratuity. So for a 7 day cruise it would be $578.20 for one person, or with half off second person it would be $867.30. No limit on drinks, but can only get 1 at a time.
  10. Kathy, our first (honeymoon) was also on Majesty in June of 1992. We did Dunn River Falls also. Maybe we were on together. Went to Coco Cay that cruise also. Of course it wasn't what it is today!
  11. Kate Spade, Michael Kors , Regalia , Solera , Willow Shop, Prince and Greene
  12. I believe changes can be made up to 11:59 PM on 9/11/19 for this cruise. Check your cruise planner confirmation email. It should say towards the bottom of the email.
  13. If you have one with an old muster station, they will replace it with a new one without for no extra charge.. I don't think they put the muster stations on them any more.
  14. Keep in mind that it is a one time purchase of $4.99. They can be reprogrammed and used again and again. We have used ours twice on Harmony and will use them again on Symphony. Do they work perfectly? No, but they do provide additional convenience. I use both. For the people complaining about occasionally having to hand them to the bartender, how is that any different them giving them your card? I'll keep using mine..
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