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  1. We are supposed to cruise March 30, we have the same situation. 3 of our group are being told they will have to self quarantine if they go. Sadly we are being forced to cancel and take FCC. This was going to be a first cruise for most of our group. ?
  2. So true!! This is also true when camping... who pitches in or who just sits back and ignores all the chores.
  3. That would be great! My son has only been dating her for 60 days, and says it is wrong to ask her to go on a cruise further out then he has been dating. I believe if they are still dating mid February he will add her.
  4. Thank you all for the all your help!! He paid almost exactly what hubby and I paid, but he is only one. I assumed it was the port and taxes that he didn't pay. I will pass all this information on. I never thought of the lifeboat situation either. His reservation doesn't say TBA.
  5. We are sailing in March on the Mariner of the Seas. My son has a cabin, and paid double occupancy. He is thinking of bringing a friend now. How close to the cruise can he add her name and pay the difference. Thank you for any help ? I've done some searching but I can't find this exact scenario.
  6. I’m happy they let me reserve. ?. I didn’t realize they were not completed. Thanks Matt.
  7. We are going on the Mariner of the Seas in March of 2020. I called today and booked a Oasis Cabana. Is this a good choice for Cabanas? I am having trouble finding a map showing where the cabana is located.This is our second cruise, we recently returned from Symphony of the Seas and LOVED it. We will be traveling with 6 adults and 3 tweens. I wanted a cabana convenient to the activities. thank you in advance for any help you can give!
  8. I’m still waiting for the pending refund to show on my credit card app. It’s hard to be Patient when I don’t trust them.
  9. I did get a hold of them and they had already reversed the 1000 plus charge (it was the exact amount of my quote with extra 1 at the beginning.. i have trust issues.I canceled reservation)
  10. Thank you for your help. I was surprised in Oct when they billed before service. That is my plan, to cancel and disputing charge if I need too. Now to find a trustworthy one. ?
  11. i booked a limo in Oct, i obviously chose a untrustworthy one. He never answers emails. We paid in full in Oct and yesterday he ran a charge for over 1000. I have to wait til it clears to dispute. I am waiting for the limo service to return my call. ? In the mean time I would like to book a limo service with good recommendations from actual people. I did research for days before booking this limo but I obviously failed.. it is confusing because the names are all similar. Thanks for any help. We are new to cruising and I wont let this ruin our first cruise.
  12. I sail on Symphony March 23rd. Our first cruise! I will be following your blog.
  13. I was able to book my group of 8 for My time dining and shows. We cruise Mar 23 on Symphony. I did have to try a few times, and there is one day I can't get my brothers reservation to work for dinner... but he is on the other 6 nights. Very strange. I think you may be just a little to far out. Try again in a month. ?
  14. I have 169 days til my first cruise on Symphony. I am obsessed!! I have been waiting for her to come to Miami
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