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  1. I'm on Allure May 2021. Was hoping for slides, but prefer Sabor to Playmakers, so chips and salsa, here I come!
  2. You have a great point - port intensive = slam dunk! The cruise I'm looking is not, well usual Western Caribbean stops. Not sure if I'll get off the ship - well, maybe Perfect Day at Coco Cay - I'll get off the ship for that. So, I think you have helped me decide. Balcony it is. Enjoy the outside, the water and the view from my own balcony! Heck, with the savings maybe I'll treat myself to some room service! Thanks!
  3. Need a balcony.... or want balcony - that's the real question. Not sure, always had one, so I don't know if I would miss it or not. You get full fledged suite perks with this room category - VP. Is it worth it on the Freedom class of ships, IDK? I know all of this is truly personal decision, but just wanted to know if anyone really loved or really hated these types of cabins. Thanks!
  4. Has anyone ever stayed in one of the Ocean View Panoramic (No Balcony) Suites (looking at Independence, if it matters) ? We typically book some type of balcony room, but wondering if we should venture out into unknown waters, just to try it. Would appreciate any thoughts, feedback and experiences you care to share! Thanks!
  5. With the announcement today that NE/Canada cruises are cancelled for 2020, I am considering options available, trying to determine what to do and have a couple of questions. 1. How do you get FCC if you haven't paid the remaining balance due for the cancelled cruise? Is it even a possibility? Also, was there announcement about Cruise Planner purchases also receiving 125% and I just missed it? 2. If you Lift and Shift, do your Cruise Planner purchases Life and Shift with you? Can I tell you how bummed I am about this?!?! I was so looking forward to this cruise, and I feel so
  6. I had the same question and found this on Royal's website under FAQs "Guests of all ages are permitted at Coco Beach Club and at the rental cabanas. Floating Cabanas have a slide with a minimum weight restriction of 50 lbs and a maximum weight of 150 lbs. Features of Coco Beach Club such as the Beach Cabanas and infinity pool have their own health and safety rules which will be posted at each." Here's the link - https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/are-there-restrictions-for-any-of-the-cabana-features-at-coco-beach-club So with this - My understanding is that there isn'
  7. @WAAAYTOOO I have a question regarding Star Class and UDP - do Star Class guests also pay for the up charges in Chops - lobster, seafood tower, steaks, etc.? And great questions, @Busylizzy108 ! Enjoy your first cruise - in style!
  8. All of this is so depressing - ugh! I already miss the "good old days" when our biggest concern was if RCI was going to honor the $18 per day Deluxe Drink Package. Double ugh!
  9. I live vicariously through all you Star Class cruisers. Praying that someday my Star Class ship experience will come in! In the meantime, I will enjoy reading along - @Lovetocruise2002 blog too! - and taking detailed notes. Bon Voyage!
  10. Hi there - my son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter (infant) are booked in an interior cabin for our upcoming family cruise. The final payment was made last week. I noticed today that an Ocean View Balcony Guarantee is now about $75 cheaper than their interior room that was paid for last week. Is it possible to move them into this room category after final payment? I am not worried about the $75 being refunded, as it is well worth the cabin upgrade. Just curious if Royal would allow the move.... Thanks in advance everyone!
  11. This is what I found searching Oasis's deck plans. Suite 1742 is a handicap room, so your room is going to be bigger than normal - balcony included! Score!! Congratulations and Enjoy the Suite Life!
  12. Congratulations! You will really enjoy the Harmony (and Captain Johnny if he's there - depending on his schedule). We did this itinerary last May. In Roatan, we did an excursion through Royal Caribbean - snorkeling with Jolly Rogers! It was by far the BEST excursion we have ever done. Roatan has the second largest barrier reef (next to Australia), so the sights under the water are magnificent! We swam over a cliff and honest to God it felt like you were going to fall off (lol), but the beautiful sights were nothing like I have ever seen before (coral, fish, etc.). After snorkeling, t
  13. FYI - This was the butter served on Mariner over the weekend. :)
  14. I'll be heading there in November and was considering parking the terminal, but I'll be at terminal 29 and everything I read states to use the mid-point parking garage. After reading all the above info, I assume I should entry the port, drop off luggage and then park the car. However, the garage is not located near the terminal. Does anyone know, are there shuttle buses to get you back to the terminal? And is it a huge hassle after the cruise to be picked up and taken back to garage? Since parking at the port isn't as convenient as it would be for other ships, should I just use PNG? I apprecia
  15. I am on this same sailing! :) Fingers crossed that TS Dorian stays away or dies out.
  16. I just checked the Chef's Table menu on Royal's app for my November sailing on Adventure. Here's what is listed: Pan-Roasted Scallops Smoked Tomato Soup Maine Lobster Salad Choice of Grilled Scottish Salmon or Grilled Filet Mignon Truffle Tagliatelle Valrhona Chocolate Bar and Petits-Fours Similar, but different. Now, I understand I am a few months out and the menu may change, but I am really hoping it doesn't. This all sounds wonderful and my reservation has been made! Fingers crossed Chef's Table isn't becoming cookie cutter!
  17. Will you PM me also? I am doing an 8 night ABC cruise on Adventure in November. Researching now for things to do and must see, so would love information. Thanks!
  18. We did! And without an issues either. 2 cases, 2 cabins and both refreshing 12 packs were delivered with care. Along with our 2 bottles of champagne per cabin! It was awesome not to have to carry around anything until the rooms opened up! We were on Harmony and the drop off station was in the lobby area of the MDR. So you could drop off your carry on "stuff", then go have Chops lunch. Super simple!
  19. We were on Harmony at the end of May and our Key lunch was in the MDR. That said the luggage drop off for the Key was right outside the dining room, so it was super convenient to drop everything off and go eat in a very cool (temp) dining room. We got lucky as one group of officers were having a goodbye/welcome party for two gentlemen in the back part of the MDR. As each officer passed by our table, they greeted us with a "hello" "good afternoon" or "welcome aboard." It was like having our very own welcoming committee - lol. Also, get the cheesecake! It was the best I have ever had. I only wis
  20. My immediate reaction was "Thank the intern!" lol
  21. Thanks for your input! Having lived in Florida my entire life, I have to admit I'm not very educated on fan etiquette at Hockey games. However, I was wondering if banging on the glass was a "normal" and acceptable thing to do at games. Although it is probably Plexiglas, it still seems rather unsafe especially for a young child, not to mention (as I just learned) rude. I have appreciated everyone's posts and agree - how do you not know a window is open??? What happened to the child is horrible and I understand that the family is grieving (What that mom saw when she went over to the wind
  22. I just looked at our 7 night cruise in October 2020 and the deluxe drink package was listed for $18 (US) per day!!! So, I booked it too! $297 total for the two of us! Incredible!! However, my other three more recent cruises were all priced as usual, but I will take a computer glitch were I can! Thanks for the heads up @kuruczpa! What a find!!!
  23. We went to the Solarium for dinner on HOS three weeks ago. It was good, but I remember it being better last year (but maybe it was because it was our first time there or I was hungrier - idk..). It was still a buffet for appetizers & desserts and a menu for the entrees. It is a different menu than what is offered in the MDR. I order grilled shrimp and they were really good and plentiful! There was also a flank (or was it skirt??) steak which was good along a salmon dish. Since there is no charge, I would encourage you to go and try it.
  24. Hush Silent Party is the best! My husband and I did this with our adult sons (20 & 19). It is so much fun, even if you just want to people watch and listen to some music. Your headsets are color coded to the music you are listening to - either blue or green. You can switch at any time to listen what the other DJ is playing. It seems as if the DJs try to out do it each other for more listeners, so they are constantly changing up the play selection. Hard to say exactly how many songs they play - it's more like how many songs can they get in during the specified time. That said it is even fun
  25. We use AAA, too. FYI - Booking with AAA has some perks! For example, if you book a balcony room or higher you will receive a bottle of champagne in your room on embarkation day, a free specialty dinner for 2 and if your cruise is longer than 5 days a free specialty lunch.
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