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  1. Is the going rate for just the bake typically $47, or is it often more? Anyone know? TY
  2. I'm not trying to be rude, but many people go on cruises alone. This is why cruise lines have started adding studio cabins when they didn't previously. In any case, I'm not trying to find a relationship. It was just nice to hang out with people who were also alone after finding them in a group knowing they were alone.
  3. People are offended at meet ups for people traveling alone?
  4. I'm a budget traveler so I get you.... Juneau- On my first trip to Juneau I took the city bus to the fish hatchery, and later took the Glacier Express to Mendenhall did a bit of walking around, and ate salmon. That whole day was like less than $60. Unless you have your heart set on certain vendors, don't prebook as there are a ton of kiosks in Juneau of people trying to sell you tickets to different things like whale watching, rafting, helicopter rides, and tours. On my 2nd trip I did the canoe trip to Mendenhall since I regretted not doing it. While it was fun, you could just hike
  5. Yeah that's what I figured. Wish RC made more of an effort. I don't want to go to a bar and announce "Where are the other parties of 1??"
  6. I don't know why I never thought about doing this. I'm a party of 1 and too cheap to spend the $10 for it but on the day of, I'd gladly pay it. Good idea.
  7. While I am not a vegetarian anymore, I'd love to have a number of vegetarian options and vegan ones as well that are beyond pastas, Indian food, and vegetables. I'd like to see some seitan and tofu. While I do eat meat now, if I have animal free options that look good, I'll always choose those. I did see vegetable moustakka on the MDR menu for 1 night which sounds good. Never hear anyone talk about it though lol.
  8. I've never been on RC and typically travel solo. I've gone on 1 NCL cruise to Alaska where there were hosted get togethers that were actually a lot of fun. I thought it would skew older especially since it was an Alaskan cruise, but found that the range of ages of people I met were from late 20s to retirement age. It was just nice having people to eat dinner with every now and then (I don't like set dining due to wanting to see shows), see shows with, and go on excursions with. I know RC just will list in the compass something like "solo cruisers unhosted meet at Vintages at 5" and that
  9. Hello, Been lurking here but figured I would ask this now. Off hand do any of you know what brand of lactose free dairy milk and almond milk that RC tends to use since I know that can request it? I'm really curious to see if it's the skim milk lactose free milk as well as what brand of almond milk that they use. I know each ship may be different but I just would really like to know. Thanks
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