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What do YOU wish you knew before you cruised?

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How addictive it is.  It's like a drug, cant never get enough.😊

How much weight I would gain.. lol 😂

Just how much FUN it really is...wish I hadn't waited so long to start cruising!

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I wish I had known what things were already included with price of the cruise. (Food, activities, etc.) There were so many things we thought incurred an additional cost until about day 3 of a 5- night cruise. (This was before the days of RoyalCaribbeanBlog.com!)

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How to take full advantage of the cruise planner, including the benefits of booking activities and shows on the Oasis and Quantam Class, sales on drink and internet packages, as well as making reservations in advance for excursions. The convenience of booking excursions in advance, even if they are not on sale, saves mere time waiting to talk to and book an excursion as the sales center on board. As I have cruised these last few times, I have really understood more and more the advantages of all of this offered on Cruise Planner. I credit a lot of this to this blog as well a one or two other sites I have found helpful. These sites work because the tips are all coming from fellow cruisers who learned from other fellow cruisers that came before them. Thankful for that!!!

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3 hours ago, Matt said:

I'm interested to know what is ONE thing you wish you knew before you took your first cruise?

I wish I knew more about the dining options on the ship before my first cruise.  Basically, I was totally ignorant about cruising (2004) and didn't prepare at all for the trip.  So when we had an issue with the MDR on Day 1 because muster messed up our reservations, I didn't know what to do and got a little frustrated (along with a crowd of other passengers).  Now I know you just can't go hungry, and there are plenty of other options.  My dining concern was part of the broader question of expectations -- I did not know what to expect on my first cruise.  Your videos, which help manage expectations, are a godsend.

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2 hours ago, SpeedNoodles said:

That you could make special requests in the MDR, and that you could have more than one serving of anything!

When you say special request what does that mean?

Could I order something off the menu but also isn't so far-fetched?

For example if they did not have burger, hotdog, or pasta on the menu could I still tell them exactly how I want it made?

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If you're on a smaller ship, to bring a bottle of Meclizine (very inexpensive on Amazon) and take it before you get sick if there are a lot of waves.  I always thought it was a cliche that people turned green when seasick.  A friend's wife was a combination of ghostly white and very light green.  She lost 2 days being seasick.

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