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  1. Thanksgiving cruise on Oasis is $49 right now. It's been $49 off and on the last couple weeks in my cruise planner.
  2. Aqua show is in the cruise planner for Nov 24. Another show is also available.
  3. We are all super excited to break in the new Oasis! That's kind of what I figured. Thanks for the help!
  4. We are on the first sailing for Oasis OTS, after its dry dock. How relevant would an old Cruise Compass be? Its coming off the Mediterranean schedule, and a lot more things to do on board after its amped make-over. I'm trying to get a feel for themed days on the ship, and what to pack. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
  5. Thanks, our reservations are linked. Fingers crossed they can make the trip!
  6. We will be on the Thanksgiving sailing, on the Oasis this year. Right now we are a party of 7, however my brother and his family may be joining us. Does anyone know if a party of 12 can all be seated together in the MDR? Thanks in advance. You all have been a wealth of knowledge, and I wish I'd found this sight and podcast years ago!
  7. That I didn't have to wait until the 1:30 boarding time to get to the port.
  8. Hoping i can get some of the great advice that everyone seems to get when they have a question. I will be in St. Thomas over the Thanksgiving holiday this year (Oasis of the Seas). Most of my traveling family will be snorkeling with the turtles, and BBQ that royal has in the cruise planner. I'm not much of a snorkeler, so I'm looking for something else to do. Nothing in the cruise planner has caught my eye. My daughter (27 yrs) and I will be on our own. Hoping to get some advice about what to do. We love food, so any restraunt suggestions? Distillery tours would also be welcome. Are most things walkable from the dock? Thanks in advance!!
  9. So does a Kraken lava flow cost more than just ordering a lava flow? And if a lava flow is the drink of the day can you ask for it to be made with Kraken and still get the DOD price?
  10. Is this correct? No double C&A points if you upgrade to a suite from a balcony.
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