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What do YOU wish you knew before you cruised?

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How addictive it is.  It's like a drug, cant never get enough.😊

How much weight I would gain.. lol 😂

Just how much FUN it really is...wish I hadn't waited so long to start cruising!

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That no matter how much you pre-plan (and erroneously rely on the RC app if you have it for your trip), you still need to check the paper Cruise Compas onboard, every day of your trip.  I had everything planned in advance, including activities I found on the app with dates & times, so I didn't pay any attention to the Cruise Compas in our room.  The app had been wrong about when ice skating was open (shocking!!), and we missed being able to do this because I didn't check the Cruise Compas.  My kids were pretty bummed after planning for 6 months to ice skate in the Carribean.

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14 hours ago, 4ensic said:

If you're on a smaller ship, to bring a bottle of Meclizine (very inexpensive on Amazon) and take it before you get sick if there are a lot of waves.  I always thought it was a cliche that people turned green when seasick.  A friend's wife was a combination of ghostly white and very light green.  She lost 2 days being seasick.

That was me on my 1st cruise.. I was seated in the MDR getting ready to eat my steak when the ship began to rock.. and man did I have to run to the bathroom..lol.. and then I got back looking pale white just in time for the photo.. 😂.. and I have that photo.. lol

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I wish I had done more research on the variety of offerings and everything to do. The first time I went, I truly didn't want to go--I thought I'd be bored staring at the water for a week. I have never been more wrong about anything in my life. 😀 I was blown away with how much there was to do and, because I hadn't done any research, it was almost overwhelming. 

Now whenever anyone asks, I tell them a cruise is the perfect vacation. If you want to party 24/7 you can. If you want to do nothing but lay in a deck chair for week, you can. It is a choose your own adventure vacation. 


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