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  1. We go to Mexico often as my husband is from the Tulum area, this is the brand we have used for a few years. I would suggest to reapply every 2 hours or so, just from my experience. Also there is no shade within the ruins of Tulum, I highly suggest a light shaw or coverup to put on every so often https://www.amazon.com/Sunscreen-Biodegradable-Tropical-Sands-Snorkeling/dp/B00THZEFT6/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=biodegradable+sunscreen&qid=1564167661&s=gateway&sr=8-5
  2. We just purchased the surf and stream package for football. LOL, he doesn't want to take any chances
  3. I have made the horrible wife decision and decided on a cruise during football season. Does Sabor Tequila Bar have TV's that will show Monday/Thursday night football? I am the definition of Football Widow, both college and NFL, but after 25 years of marriage, I don't care, more free time for me
  4. We took the plunge and bought the Unlimited Dining on the Allure on 11/3. The husband is looking forward to a nice meal, then heading to Playmakers to use the $35 A la Carte credit, and drink extra beer with the drink package and watching Monday night football.
  5. If that is all, than I am ok with that. I would be looking out more than down anyway
  6. We were supposed to be on the Oasis April 7th, and booked using our credit on the Allure for Dec. We booked a guaranteed Oceanview Balcony, XB-GTY, now I'm worried about an obstructed view, does it have obstructed views? should we just change to pick our room? or take our chance? Has anyone gotten an obstructed view with the guarantee? or am I just thinking to hard about it?
  7. That's exactly what we are doing, using our refund and FCC towards a Loft Suite. We thought about the Med cruise next year, but decided on the Symphony in Sept to get the suite.
  8. As disappointed as I was last night when I got the call and email about our cruise being cancelled for this Sunday, it only took a few hours to come up with a new plan. Since it's our 25th Anniversary, we're going to catch a last minute flight to Puerto Vallarta and stay at this fabulous looking resort I've had my eye on. Since we ended up with this great credit offer from Royal, we are now looking at 10 day Med Cruise for next year.
  9. Since we are rookies, we forgot about pre-book any show reservations on the Oasis, and now we can't it via Cruise Planner. We did purchase The Key, how hard are reservations to make onboard?
  10. As we are about to head out on our 1st cruise, for our 25th Anniversary on the Oasis, I called RC to see if I could set up a romantic balcony dinner on our actual anniversary, which they will do since it is a milestone anniversary. While I was on the phone, I asked what the cap was per drink for the Deluxe drink package, I was told $12. Since it is Oasis class, I thought it was $13 since I've read drinks are a little higher. Anyone who has sailed recently know for sure? Does the casino take cash for slots and table games? or do I have to add cash to my sea pass card? And a
  11. Thank you! I told them I would eat in the MDR beforehand, and just enjoy some wine while they eat
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