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  1. SUCCESS! Through persuasion from mother in law and myself.... Hub's bringing his suit for formal night!! He was going to do a button down shirt and nice pants, but... I got jacket and tie and dress shoes from him!! I did promise him though that he only had to wear it for dinner and once dinner was over he could run back to the cabin to put on his jeans again.
  2. @CNA Jacksonville Its not that the TA will get you the best price initially, however some offer something like a small amount of onboard credit. Where I found their real value comes in, is the checking for price reductions as time goes by for your cruise. Sometimes the TA has a block of rooms reserved from Royal at a discount rate, and if they do, awesome! But in the case of the non block of rooms, they can reprice your cruise. So say you book initially and your TA got you a price that was 1000 dollars. You put down your refundable deposit and are all excited. 3 months later your TA
  3. The docking at St George is HUGE for Empress. St George in my opinion is the best part of Bermuda. That alone would drive my decision even if Summit and Empress were the same, which they're not. That said Summit is a very nice ship. So I think it really depends to me what you want out of this vacation. Is your trip about the ship? Or is it about the destination? Both? If its more than 50% about the destination, I'd go with Empress. If its more than 50% about the ship, I'd go with Summit.
  4. @coneyraven suuuuuure blame me. I mean I could see it, I'm such the troublemaker and all. She just couldnt bear to see me again. That or she threatened to leave because she knew I wasnt going to be in Baltimore anymore with my moving to South Carolina next year.
  5. Waaaytooo, Ilona has been wonderful to me thus far. Within 12 hours of receiving my reservation requests since I'm on the UDP, I'm booked in to my preferred times and she told me to book what I wanted and if my schedule didnt look like it was going to agree, she could always cancel. And the spa menu she sent is a real godsend, it was something I was curious about all of the offerings that werent on the cruise planner. Looks like they're back on schedule though coming back from the caribbean she might be dodging the remenants of Nestor just a little bit but it doesnt look like something t
  6. Well I got my concierge email for Grandeur. It looks like my concierge is Ilona. Oh and @WAAAYTOOO I picked the Owners suite. I have a tendency when I get to rambling to not get the actual point. This was my letter in case anyone was curious what the letter looks like and what the perks on Grandeur are. Dear Suite Guests, Its my pleasure to welcome you onboard via e-mail the beautiful Grandeur of the Seas. We are honored that you have selected Royal Caribbean International for your cruise vacation. My name is Ilona Tsyhaniuk, your Suite Concierge onboard. I
  7. I start packing my packing cubes with stuff that isnt folded about 1 month out. So toiletries, electronics, cables, all that stuff. 2 weeks out the packing cubes with clothes that dont wrinkle or wrinkles come out easily (jeans, tshirts, undies, socks, shoes) get packed 1 week out, Formal attire and clothes that wrinkle but the wrinkles come out easily go in. Packing cubes also go into the suitcases at this point 2 days out. Final check against spreadsheet of clothing, toiletries, electronics. Medication is packed. Purse is checked. Cruise binder triple checked and I self
  8. I'd take the forward one. Aft motion is a bit much for me but forward never has bugged me.
  9. Bring that Old Bay @coneyraven Old Bay isnt just a seasoning, its a lifestyle
  10. I wish I had known about the green apples and ginger seasickness remedy. I remember on my first cruise WAY back when, I stared out my porthole at the waves. Not at the horizon, at the waves. For HOURS. I got SOOO motion sick. I was given a shot from the ship's doctor that knocked me out for 5 hours, but I was SO much better afterwards. Now I was a teen at the time so I have no clue how much it cost my parents for the shot, but it was worth it, for me. And I learned my lesson the next cruise. I ate green apples and took a little crystalized ginger at the first sign of queasiness, an
  11. Hello Crew Member!! Thank you for all of your hard work. Every day, every moment, making those guests lives a bit brighter because of YOU
  12. I dont think hub and I will be in Baltimore anymore when she finally leaves Baltimore. But if there would be any reason to return, seeing Lady G off is a good reason. I might try to score a "business trip" to Baltimore when she returns home for the last time just to say goodbye
  13. I think a culturally enriching cruise would be GREAT! Especially since its culturally enriching. You're not going to be culturally enriched if you're not immersed in that culture. What I would suggest though, if you're sailing out of china, read up on the visas. DO A LOT OF READING ON THE VISAS. China isnt somewhere where you just take your passport and you're done. Same with reading up on Chinese culture norms. They're much different than the USA. And that's a good thing. Just realize, its their culture, their country. Also I'd recommend spending a week in China before y
  14. I think Delmarva will be fine even without a Vision class ship in it. New York is not that far away and opens up the megas to a market that historically has cruised small. Now is it a bit of a hike to get to New York from Baltimore? Without traffic about 4 hours. Not bad, but certainly not the 20-30 minute drive I'm accustomed to. But Delmarva has always had access to the big ships. They may also try to put a Radiance class ship into the Chesapeake. Now the thing is, Radiance will fit under the bridge, the problem comes with the basin in which the cruise ship has to tu
  15. I'm also heartbroken to hear this about Lady G. But at least I have a chance to say goodbye to her. I guess my move to South Carolina was serendipity. When Lady G leaves Baltimore, so do I.
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