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  1. I bought 2 for my hub and I. My reasoning was the cost was pretty decent for a towel of this size, and it would be a souvenir.
  2. I'm on the sailing on the 26th but I'll be bringing the cruise compasses home with me.
  3. Being about 60 days out until my sailing on Grandeur as a suite guest (yay suite life!). Is the concierge available if you board early to make reservations for specialty dining? I cant make reservations through the cruise planner yet, it seems like it'll let me make MDR reservations but if I want to book a specialty restaurant, it wont let me utilize my unlimited dining package. So I guess my question is, should I utilize the concierge or should I high tail it to my restaurants of choice to get my reservations done? I might be a little early in my embarkation route map, but I'm going to try to do my best to avoid the madhouse that is the windjammer on embarkation.
  4. SQUEE!! I hadnt seen that on their website about some of their products being available at the clocktower mall. Crossing fingers it'll be there because I'd like to make my 2nd day a bit more shopping dedicated
  5. Yah I used it in Penn Station when I was going to California by train. Checked it in Baltimore, and it met me all the way in Anaheim because of the long layover in DC, the Cardinal caught up, handed over the luggage onto the Capitol Limited, then handed off again to the Southwest Chief, then one last time to the train that went from Los Angeles to Anaheim. On the way back due to a delay on the Chief, the luggage and I became unpaired and because of that, Amtrak sent someone to my home to deliver my luggage to me (it was a nasty delay on the Chief, like 11 hours late, all connections got missed, so they put me up in a hotel overnight, and that's when the unpairing happened)
  6. I think you "can" check your luggage but its not going on that train with you. There's no baggage car on the NE corridor train. On the Cardinal, yes they run a baggage car. But the NE Corridor, nope, not even if you go from DC to Boston. But they'll stick the luggage on the Cardinal for you to pick up later in the day. But that thing has some crazy delays (I regularly see it with 2 hour delays, I dont think I've ever seen it on time)
  7. Yah I take it for work as well, but when you get on in Baltimore, all the DC people have the luggage cubbies full, and usually they're full all the way to Newark. I've just learned to travel for work with my single airline approved carryon that I dont have to break my back to heft into the above seat storage. For someone not accustomed to this train ride, its a little difficult
  8. I'd recommend the amtrak personally. No worries about traffic and the NE corridor train is pretty danged regular. Because your pain points are going to be getting out of Baltimore (depending on where you are, 695 just finds a way to get itself jacked up at the 95 junctions), your next pain point is going to be Philly. Might be good, might be jacked for miles. Then its getting through Jersey. But I'm all about the relaxing on a train, chatting about your upcoming cruise, and letting someone else deal with the traffic. One issue about the train. The NE Corridor train does NOT have checked luggage. So you have to be using carryons (a full size suitcase will not fit, or you'll give yourself a hernia lifting a full size suitcase into the above seat storage, not to mention possibly clubbing someone with your full size luggage as you get out at Newark). If you do 2 carryons per person, figure out how you're going to wrangle that luggage down before the stop at the airport because the stop is relatively short because that train is going to try to make up any time lost before it arrives in NYC. If you take a train like the Cardinal (I think that's the correct one), its been notorious for delays, but it does have checked luggage but with checking luggage, you can have luggage snafus. So your luggage situation can prefer leaving Baltimore by car at like 530 just to be on the safe side with traffic.
  9. I have the silicone straws that I can just pack in my purse or pocket and when I need it, just whip out the straw. But for the hub, plastic straws all the way, he's not used to the silicone ones yet. So into a sandwich bag in the purse it goes. My purse is slowly becoming the bottomless pit of "stuff"
  10. I have Pam Richter out of Pennsylvania. She has been nothing short of an angel for me. In just a few email conversations, she already knows my cruising preferences, how I like to travel, I swear the woman is a mind reader. She even extended a reservation hold for me when it benefitted my credit card miles to wait an extra few days only to have my plans completely change due to a move down south. After all I put her through, only to cancel, I felt so bad, but she was very reassuring and hasnt stopped her top notch service. Its very comforting for me to use a travel agent, to know that in 67 days I have nothing to do but relax.
  11. Thank you all so very much. Now I know I can bring my skates! My husband teases me because with my disability, I shouldnt be able to skate anymore, but its the one place where I'm upright and moving normally, even gracefully. I came up as a skater on an uneven rink. I've skated on ponds and lakes, and bumpy rinks. If you've never taken the plunge to go ice skating or roller skating on a cruise, give it a small try. Even if you're clinging to the wall, take a lap or two around, its one of the most invigorating sensations in the world. And a tip about falling. If you feel yourself falling, and you;re not a confident skater, dont try to stop the fall. I know its instinct to flail around and try to catch yourself. Its ice. You wont be able to. If you can, try to land on your rear end. Most cushioning! Crumple at the knees and sit. kick your legs out from under you and voila! you're on your rump! I'm really not kidding here. You might bruise your backside, but its better than flailing wildly about and possibly injuring someone else, or falling forward and risking injury to your wrists or shoulders or knees. Or trying to catch your balance with your ankles. The skates arent THAT strong to save you a broken ankle from trying to compensate your center of gravity with your ankles. I KNOW falling is counterintuitive. But its one of the first things any skater learns. How to fall. And your butt is best for falling.
  12. Thank you. I think the ferry that frightened me was the one to St George because that's a lot more limited of a schedule. I adore St George but with only one shot at the ferry there, and only one coming back, knowing myself, and how I can get lost in a box, I'd miss the ship.
  13. Ok so, I'm using your map that you provided of the Dockyard kind of as my guide (and a ferry schedule). So get on the blue ferry to Hamilton, and Front St is right there. Seems like this ferry operates about every hour. Ok that's not too bad, I think I might be able to do this one without an excursion... I think.
  14. Ok this one's a bit... odd. But I'm on a mission. A long long time ago when I went to Bermuda (we're talking about 30 years ago now) I got this perfume. It was amazing. I found out that this perfume still exists and is sold in Bermuda (also online but I'd prefer getting it in Bermuda for the nostalgia sake of being turned into a human test strip from the amount of perfume that was testered on me. Apparently I have decent chemistry to make perfumes smell good). However, the perfumery is in St George and on my cruise I'm not seeing an excursion to St George that would even give me an opportunity to shop and I'm terrified of self ferrying to St George, going to the perfumery and trying to get back in time to catch the ship (I'm booked solid for day one). I've heard rumor that this perfumery has a store on Front St. About how far from Front St is the Royal Dockyard? This may be my only opportunity to get this perfume other than getting to St George to do the perfumery tour. And Front St would give me a chance to mayyybe get myself a bermuda shorts suit because I just love them.
  15. I remember being a young woman like your daughter. What worked for me to dress up? Pants. Lots and lots of pants. I wear pantsuits and female tuxedoes for formal events, so why cant she? Look at female sports figures today. Serena Williams, the women of the womens soccer team like Megan Rapinoe, the women of the WNBA. these women can rock a tank dress or a pantsuit like no tomorrow. Too young to pantsuit, ok how about yoga pants and a dressed up tee? Something with a few sequins on it enough to draw the eye from the yoga pants. Pair that with a pair of vans slipons and you have a sporty formal night appropriate outfit that I'd dare any sweats for everything teen to turn their nose up at.
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