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  1. I use the packing cubes from ebags. I get 2 large, 4 medium and 4 smalls and those fill my 2 suitcases with room for things that dont fit in the cubes. I love them. I dont use any compression cubes because I'm horrible at compressing things that much, and I dont have a vacuum for vacuum bags while on the cruise to repack. Mine are purple because.... they're PURPLE I have to have them!
  2. Oh thank the stars I'm not the only one who spreadsheets the packing list. Hub gets on me about my obsession with making lists. I told him its one list (with 5 sheets on the spreadsheet). I'd normally use Smartsheets for lists like this but hub would get real annoyed with me if I had a cloud based list and tell me I need to leave work at work for once.
  3. Hey Jane. It is specifically allowed now. But in mid 2018 when this OP was made, it was kind of an ugly grey area where it was a dont ask dont tell regarding sodas or water. So glad Royal clarified their carryon policy to allow a 12 pack of water or soda along with the 2 bottles of wine per cabin.
  4. They have silicone straws that do the same thing, collapse into a little container. I love my silicone straws. I can stick the little straw container in a purse, on a lanyard, whatever, and then if I'm confronted with a paper straw or no straw, I can just break out my silicone straw. If you wash it thoroughly beforehand, any silicone smell or taste is gone. 2-3 trips through the dishwasher or soaking in super hot water and a little soap for about 10-15 minutes is fine.
  5. I got those little straws too!! (maybe it was my recommendation? is your straw silicone?) They're AWESOME! Note to self... now I need a mango lava flow in my life, along with the regular lava flow with kraken in @Matt's honor
  6. On my last cruise, I forgot the extra batteries and memory cards I keep in a little pouch (so I dont forget them!) on my bed at home. Thankfully I was able to get by with doing a LOT of charging and uploading photos to cloud storage, but I was in a mad panic for at least 2 hours about it.
  7. See for me, I'd put the $50 towards a shore excursion that you hadnt budgeted for before. So maybe you budgeted to walk around the port (free), why not use the $50 towards a tour? You might not get much for 50 but you can think of it as one heck of a discount. Might also use the 50 to get a manicure or pedicure onboard. Maybe combo it up with several experiences? Like splurging on room service one night. Maybe a souvenir glass beverage another night. How about a keepsake photo of you and the captain or on formal night?
  8. Its not a bug, its a feature! I honestly believe its due to not having a test environment that they can test deployments of changes to the cruise planner prior to deployment. And anyone in software development/programming can tell you, testing in the live environment is the LAST thing you want. Because if it can go wrong, it will go wrong, and it will go wrong spectacularly.
  9. During sailaway would be awesome. If you're anticipating a yes and this isnt a COMPLETE shock, you might be able to coordinate something with the cruise director to bring you two forward to do it on the big screen. A more private option would be on your balcony during sunset or on the helipad during sunset. A blend between the two might be to coordinate something with specialty dining. Let them know "hey I'm going to propose, could you help me by bringing flowers, favored food, etc"
  10. I'd love to +1 this suggestion for additions to the cruise compasses. Not that I'd ever mind ANY of the food selections available, I'm on a CRUISE! Then again I'm not a picky eater in the least and chicken liver with brussels sprouts would be fine by me if I'm on a cruise (I actually like brussels sprouts, but liver of any kind is grounds for divorce)
  11. I highly recommend that you register the children with one of the kids or teens clubs. They have special activities for them and the children are well accounted for there. You can use the royal app if they have smartphones to text them, or they can text you in case they get lost. I always recommend those with children to take a photo in the morning of the kids. Especially on port days. The reason for this is in case of the worst, god forbid, you have an exact description of the child and what they're wearing. Saying a 12 year old brown haired boy in a white shirt is not a good description. Having a picture has all of the details of the child. You can do the photo thing onboard as well in case the child is lost. Even on a large ship, there's plenty of crew and you should encourage your child to ask directions from staff. You can set up a "I got lost" plan for the child to return to a specific location on the ship (your room, the pool, the windjammer, whichever location you'd like) if they ever get lost. They then can text you with the app, and you can retrieve them from the designated location. And queue times really depend on the activity and how high in demand it is. A high demand activity like the Florider could have a bit of a line. Same with the standby line for shows. On embarkation day the queue in the Windjammer can get a bit intense which is a great reason alone to get onboard as soon as you can. Usually the embarkation line isnt too terrible and it moves quickly. For me, the longest line was at customer service on disembarkation day. That's why I try to prepay for as much as I can before I cruise so my bill at the end is minimal. Usually it consists of ship souvenirs (blinky cups, ship models, RCI shirts), some duty free and additional tips I might charge.
  12. Also remember if you bring on your own wine, that you "MAY" be subject to a corkage fee should you wish to consume your wine in a restaurant. Personally I feel the corkage fee is fine since the cruise will be responsible for your wine and hold onto it if you dont finish the entire bottle during your meal. So if you have one glass with a meal, you can have it at a future meal without needing to keep it in your stateroom. Experience with the corkage fee miles may vary though. Many people have not been charged the corkage fee, but some have been as well, so I'd expect to pay the corkage fee, and if they dont charge you, its a delightful surprise
  13. Add me to the "peace of mind" club. I dont try to "break even". Its not a game of trying to get one over on the cruise line for me. Now if I didnt drink alcoholic beverages at all, maybe then it wouldnt be worth it. But then I'd buy a different drink package. I know I drink a lot of soda, so there's some money off of the DDP right there. Then I hydrate fairly frequently with bottled water. I like a fancy coffee or two in the morning. Then maybe 3-4 cocktails or glasses of wine throughout the rest of the day. At that point, for me, I've broken even. And that's before getting adventurous with trying new beverages that I might not like. I get the DDP because I dont want to try to figure out how bad my credit card is going to get hammered by a drink here and there, an excursion here and there, and other things that I'd want to do. I just like having all of it taken care of in advance
  14. I actually have a question about this. And its going to seem REAL weird, but are you allowed to bring/use your own skates? Yes I realize they take up valuable bag real estate but I used to figure skate and got very very accustomed to wearing my custom skates. I think if I was allowed to bring my own I'd never leave the rink! My only concern would be Royal's desire to check all passenger brought skates prior to allowing them on their rink. I mean if you get a hockey player bringing actual hockey skates it could be very dangerous with how thin and sharp the blades of those skates are (heck even my customs are super sharp), and then you have the potential of the other end of the spectrum of someone with a very poorly kept pair of skates hardly able to be used on a standard rink much less a moving rink at sea.
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