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50 questions!


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On Symphony of the Seas, where is the best place to meet with friends and family that is secluded and away from crowds and noise? 

Are the broadway entertainers and other entertainers still employed and rehearsing? It seems logistically these shows may not be able to go on at last moment notice when the cruise lines are allowed to sail. 

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17 hours ago, joshgates said:

How many cartwheels would it take an average height adult to get across (bow to stern) deck 15 on an oasis class ship? Bonus points if the degree of inebriation is taken into account.

Hmmm...as a former gymnastics and martial arts instructor, I'll have to put this on my list to try next cruise ?

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On 7/21/2020 at 10:56 PM, Jess4214 said:

For adults who purchase The Key and have children under age 6. what is included for the children? Are they included in the Key dining/separate menu, can they participate in other Key benefits?

Both our kids were under 6 the last time we purchased the key.  They are allowed to dine with you on the first day lunch and last day bfast.  They also get the priority boarding line and debarkation privileges.  I had to ask our room attendant for a few extra key bag tags for them on the second to last day.   They won’t get the free WiFi though.  (Not that they need it.)   I went to guest services to get their sea pass cards the key sticker on the first day, but they told me it wasn’t necessary.  Gave them to us anyway.  

Totally worth it with young ones as it helps get on and off the ship.  The first day lunch and last day bfast were awesome as we didn’t have to fight crowds in the windjammer!


My son is now 6 and I’ll still purchase it for him on the next cruise (whenever that is) unless we are in a junior suite or higher.  

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