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  1. Can you use your onboard credit to make purchases with the cruise planner website? or do you have to wait to be on the ship before you can make purchases?
  2. My kids love Hibachi and we would like take them to Izumi on our next cruise. Do we pay full price for the kids or is there a cheaper way to dine in Izumi without paying the price of an adult for kids? Thanks!
  3. I'm sailing on the Allure from the 10th - 17th as well!
  4. I just got my first dose yesterday with no side effects. Just a little soreness in the arm just like my flu shot. In my area the military is handling all the logistics of this. I was told yesterday we have plenty of Vaccines but we are in short supply of people to give the Vaccine which is why the Military is helping with everything else. They have begun training our local paramedics to give the vaccine to speed this process up. I go for my 2nd shot on January 20th.
  5. I am a Firefighter/EMT and I was notified by my county Health department by email. I had to register and fill out a health questionnaire. Once you complete that process they let me choose the time and date that I would like to get the Vaccine. The time frame only went out a few days because of the Holiday's so I choose my next day off which is tomorrow to get the Vaccine. I know plenty of others that have received it and so far no issues.
  6. I get my Covid 19 Vaccine on Wednesday. I feel cautiously optimistic about cruising starting up in the 2nd quarter of next year. At least a few ships at least. It looks like by April anybody in the general public should be able to receive the vaccine. Lets just keep our fingers crossed!
  7. Nassau is one of the few ports I haven't been to in the Caribbean. Is this a port worth getting off the ship for? We will be on the Allure next June and Nassau will be one of our ports. If we do decide to get off does anyone have any recommendations on what we should check out? Any excursion ideas? I have notice things seem to be more expensive than most islands but I was wondering if it was worth it. Thank you!
  8. What are requirements the CDC came up with? Why wouldn't the CDC purplish them if that's the case? Do you have some inside info that the rest of don't? We can agree to disagree on this. These nothing wrong with that. Like is said if you can fly on an airplane with 300 other people elbow to elbow then they can find a way with the cruise ships. I guess since the CDC is waiting to hear from the public on what we think they should do, we and the cruise lines shouldn't expect hear anything anytime soon.
  9. I totally get what your saying and agree with we the people are the blame for the increase cases. All the points you made are fair. All I was saying is that the CDC has done Nothing to work with the cruise industry on a path forward and they don't seem interested in a productive dialog. Everything else is allowed to open up and function but not cruise ships. There just seems to be a double standard when it comes to them. I don't think we should be cruising at this point because the proper protocols are not in place. Like I said the CDC has said nothing in over 4 months. And to put out those ridiculous questions out asking the public of what we think would make cruising safer clearly shows they have no interest in working with the cruise lines and the clearly have no plan.
  10. I completely agree with you! The "floating petri dish" is such a false narrative that's been pushed by the media. Of course it would only take one outbreak to shut down the industry again.
  11. Hi Everyone, Maybe its just me but does anyone else feel the CDC has singled out the cruise industry? Its been over 4 months and the CDC has yet to say or give any guidelines or protocols for the cruise industry to start sailing again. Now I understand we have a huge issue with cases right now in the U.S. But If you can pack 300 people on an airplane with no social distancing for hours at a time or open up amusement parks and hotels and restaurants you would figure with proper protocols in place we would be able to sail at reduce capacity. I'm just gonna say it but this virus is not going away. The European union and the Asian markets have worked closely with the cruise lines so they can began sailing. Of course the case count is much lower in Europe and Asia but the virus is still there and its not going away. Also why is the CDC asking the general public questions on how to best keep people safe on a cruise ship? isn't that the CDC's job? Why is the CDC asking for a public consultation on how to keep people safe on cruise ships but they wont do it for schools, or airplanes, or amusement parks or hotels? It seems pretty bias to me. This is just how I see it of course I know some people have different opinions and I welcome that. But at this rate we wont get back to cursing anytime soon. Also a point I like to make is that the virus didn't get here from a cruise ship. It got here from an airplane. But airplanes haven't stopped flying. I have cruised and traveled all my life and I can tell you that cruise ships are the cleanest way to travel. I sure all you would agree but I would like to here what others think. I don't see cursing resuming at least until after the 1st of the year. It just seems like the CDC is dragging its feet and no matter what the cruise lines do the CDC simply doesn't care right now and is in no rush to deal with any of the cruise lines. I hope I'm wrong. Thanks for reading my rant. I hope everyone is staying safe!
  12. What is your favorite place to visit on a Royal Caribbean cruise?
  13. Just a quick question about the drink package. How long do you have to wait before you can order another drink. Also can I get a bottle of water at the same time when I order a drink. I'm looking at getting the deluxe or the refreshment drink package. Thanks!
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