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  1. So we have the Empress booked for 8-days of eastern Caribbean bliss! Now trying to decide on excursions. St Thomas- Of course I have been here many times. Walked around downtown mostly but also toured St John and have done the catamaran to Honeymoon bay. Quite honestly would like nothing more than the best independent island tour and best beach I can get, umbrellas and loungers are a necessity. Suggestions? San Juan- I can make a similar statement as St Thomas above. Have been here many times. Have walked all over it...eaten at many of the better restaurants...been to El Morro. Wouldn't mind a private excursion to the rain forest. Suggestions? Puerto Plata, DR- Of course I have never been here. Was one of the draws to this cruise. There are ZERO excursions offered by RC at this time. Any suggestion? Virgin Gorda- Never been here either. Most excursions I've seen originate in St Thomas but of course that won't do us any good since we will be there! LOL! There are a few excursions offered by RC but quite honestly it's hard to tell exactly what one is getting. Any suggestion? I'm pretty open to any ideas for the above ports. I sure would appreciate any and all suggestions!
  2. Just did this.... Can’t recommend Wyndham New Orleans French Quarter highly enough. It’s on Royal St, next block is Bourbon. One block from Acme, Mr B’s, and Felix’s. Your car is kept in their attached parking garage. Excellent attitude and service. Used Uber to port and used taxi back.
  3. Your $2200 or less is gong to keep you from getting the best NCL has to offer. I was just on the Getaway in November in a Haven suite, an H6. It was nice, don't worry. An H5 or H6 will generally run you $2500-$3000 pp. Shows were really good and lots of variety. Of course not at the same level as Ice and water shows. Really good entertainment but "different" than Royal. Staying the in Haven gets you your own restaurant and bar with a super nice sun deck. Basic rules are if you are in a Haven suite, you have access. Not in a Haven suite, no access. Your Haven cabin comes with a butler that takes care of many things for you. Our cabin had a Nespresso coffee maker which I tried to wear out!. Our cabin had two bathrooms. So if trying NCL...I vote Getaway/Breakaway. There's not really a Royal Promenade but it's more open than say your typical cruise ship. There are many, many specialty dining venues. I've stayed in balcony cabins on NCL a couple of times....I really didn't care for it that much. I liked Carnival better if not staying in a Haven suite.
  4. Thanks for the info! So no free drinks for me! I'm emerald so we will just have to pony up I suppose!
  5. Thanks for the info folks! Our cruise is Nov 28, 2020! So I think I'm just gonna stick with it. For sure the price is right and it has a nice itinerary.. I may have to adjust a little with the other stuff! 😁 Anyone know if there is a concierge club or some other venue for the typical 5-8pm drinks/hor doeuvres?
  6. I've got it booked. 8 day cruise out of Miami. Goes to Puerto Plata, DR; San Juan;, Virgin Gorda BVI; and St Thomas. I've never been to Virgin Gorda OR Puerto Plata. I like the itinerary. Last four cruises was on the Silhouette CS, Oasis OS, Rotterdam PS, and lastly Getaway H6. I'm spoiled. Rotten, Ruined. The Getaway Haven area for lack of a better term was something else. I liked it. I have an OS booked on the Empress. It's a pretty good looking cabin from what I can tell. My main question is what are the suite amenities aboad the Empress? I believe we will be able to eat breakfast in Chops. I'm not sure if there is a suite lounge or not. I don't think so. Would some other area serve as the suite/concierge lounge? I'd appreciate any info that would help me. Thanks!
  7. Hey! Quick question.. Looking at Freedom OTS with the ABC itinerary..... Has anyone done this lately? Was port or starboard the best? THANKS!
  8. Thanks for y'alls perspectives...Y'all are kinda talking me into it... I've had a drink package my last four cruises. 7 day cruise...Cozumel for sure won't use the package...Tulum from about 730AM to 5PM. WILL probably use it Falmouth day. For SURE will use it Labadee day and all other days besides Cozumel. Deck 10 to deck 17 IS quite a haul! I was thinking about a few unopened beers finding their way to the cabin from the SL...... The package would be $743 out the door for both of us. Looks like Dazzles would be the closest bar to a deck 10 suite?
  9. Yeah, I have mixed feelings about it too. Yeah we are gonna purchase drinks when the SL isn't convenient. Definitely will while at Labadee. Of course we will bring on a couple of bottles of wine in Port Canaveral. If we get the drink package I kinda feel like I'm paying for drinks twice for much of the day... I was just kind of thinking out loud and wondering what others had done while staying in a suite while on one of the ships with the SL/CK arrangement
  10. So.... Sailing on Oasis in two weeks in a suite. Of course we will be able to go to SL starting at 11AM for water, beer, and wine. Do you think there is ANY need to get a drink package while being in a suite on Oasis? We have not bought one and I can't really see how I would come out even breaking even. What you think?
  11. Just double checking that y'all HAVE been to the Lamanai ruins in Belize? I'm about to go my THIRD TIME! Costa Maya- Have done Maya Chan and the Tropicante in Mahahaul along the Malecon. Maya Chan is a very laid back all-inclusive day trip. Beach, chairs, some water toys, drinks, food, transportation...all included. Great for wanting to get away from it all. We had a great time there. Malecon/Tropicante.....Getting to the Malecon is a short taxi ride and it's like along the "strip." Lots of restaurants, stores, shops, etc along the Malecon. Steve at the Tropicante will take a reservation for your party for chairs/tables/etc provide you purchase drinks/food from the Tropicante which is EXCELLENT. Either place is a good time just a little bit different atmosphere. One thing about Costa Maya and both places above....seagrass CAN be an issue and you never know until you get there. The times I have been there....it's been perfect. But Ive seen pictures of it covering the beach many times...JFYI.
  12. Thanks! So we WILL try to get there 20-30 minutes before the shows! Oh we are gonna hit the beach and we ARE gonna eat for SURE!
  13. I don't necessarily got bored with a CRUISE LINE, I more or less shop itinerary/price in a suite for the times I like to go on a cruise. Currently I have two cruises on Royal booked, one on Celebrity, one on Carnival, and one on MSC. Most of all those were booked based on offering an itinerary that Royal didn't OR was a similar itinerary at a better price. MSC was such a good deal I couldn't refuse.
  14. Thanks for the info on the OS! I originally had a GS booked and realized the GS on the Oasis didn't have "full-sized lounge chairs on the balcony....one look at some pics of the OS and I knew that was the way to go! DEFINITELY gonna have to have a meal or two delivered to that balcony table! Thanks for the info on the SL and CK! I was debating getting a drink package.....but it seems kinda unnecessary since at the very least beer/wine will be available from 11-11... I think I'm gonna skip the drink package... Nice to know we can just "show up" for the entertainment! Thanks! Our sailing is two weeks AFTER yours!
  15. Thanks! Will do Cocoa Beach Pier!! No kids but thanks for the idea! Maybe next time! We're sure not! Looking forward to it! Stayed in a CS aboard Silhouette in the Spring and of course had Luminae as our restaurant....AWESOME! If Coastal Kitchen is anything CLOSE.....it's gonna be great! Thanks for the restaurant recommendations! One of the things I was looking for! We will check it out! Will be there Friday afternoon and all day Saturday so we will have a little time!
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