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Best & easiest cruise port to access and navigate on embarkation day & Disembarkation day?

What’s the Best Class of Ships & the Worst Class of Ships?

Why is there a daily charge for the key instead of a one time cost for the entire duration of cruises?

What’s a Virtual Balcony?

When will Odyssey have her inaugural sailing?

What’s the difference between an interior  & an Interior with Virtual Balcony?

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Wow bands or Seapass card?

Eastern or Western Caribbean itineraries?

How do you avoid the vendors just outside the port trying to get your business?

Most efficient embarkation port?

How many eggs are purchased for a typical 7 night sailing on an Oasis class ship?

How many different specialty dining concepts does Royal Caribbean operate on all of its ships?

When was the first adult water slide installed on a Royal Caribbean ship?

Do you know the words to the Wash Your Hands song?

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Some common questions:

  • Do I need to pay extra for a balcony?  Is a balcony worth it?
  • Where is the best cabin location?  Low, high, front, mid, aft, etc.
  • Is the MDR included or does it cost extra? 
  • What dining is included in my cruise fare? 
  • Should I purchase specialty dining?
  • Is the Key worth it?
  • Will I get sea sick?  Will there be motion?
  • What time should I arrive to check in for the cruise?
  • Should I book shore excursions through the cruise line?
  • What happens if I am late getting back to the ship at a port of call?
  • Is the water on board safe to drink?
  • How do we stay in contact with each other on board? 
  • Should I pay for Voom?
  • Do I need to pay for Voom to use the Royal Caribbean app? 
  • Is the new app chat feature available on my ship?
  • What things will cost extra beyond my cruise fare?    
  • Do I need to make reservations for entertainment?
  • What activities are available for my children?
  • Is babysitting available?
  • Do I need a passport to cruise?
  • Should I take my passport with me when visiting a port of call?
  • Should I buy the drink package?


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How do you say taxi in Spanish?

How many pounds of chocolate is on board a Freedom class ship?

How many pounds of cheesecake is consumed on a 7 day voyage?

Is the chef’s table worth purchasing?

Can you request fresh lemon juice in your cocktail if you have the drink package?

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I haven't thought of a question yet, but I do have the answer to your question to me on Monday's YouTube live chat: "What do Minnesotans not do?"

We do not go out of our way to purify ourselves in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.  😅

(Only children of the 80's and early will get that reference).

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