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What board games would you bring on a cruise?

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There are a couple card games we have that we really enjoy playing as a family: "Five Crowns" and "Wacky Six". (both are variations of games you can play with standard decks.) 

We like them because they don't take up much room, and they're quick to teach to new players (unlike Settlers or many other board games).

These are best for adults or teens. 


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On my NYE cruise, with my aunt and cousin... we will also have a 5 yr old with us... 4 adults and a 5 yr old... and all of us are big time game nuts... we always have games at our NYE parties and other holidays and so we had planned on bringning UNO and a couple other games... but we thought we would be the only ones... pleasantly suprised that others do too! 😄

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On Holland America they had Rummiekube and we played that some.  We will pack a couple of decks of cards but we like to play trivia on the ship so we keep busy doing that along with trying to do everything else. We never get bored!  I love to read too so I load a book on my Nook and take it for quiet times.

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