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  1. As they enter the one end of the solarium, a stop watch will be started. they have precisely 45 seconds from that point to traverse the length of the solarium IN ABSOLUTE SILENCE (Their time will be docked for every spoken word). Should they fail to reach the exit before the horn sounds they will be forced to consume an extra ration of vegetables with their evening meal! JUST KIDDING! They will be fine!
  2. Why board early? Because once I start up that gang-way I know all the paper-shuffling and bureaucracy is behind me and i can truly start to unwind
  3. jce2

    Alaska 2020 sailings

    Take care of her, we will be sailing on the return trip!
  4. jce2

    Aft Balconies

    I managed to snag the corner aft balcony on Radiance (deck 8 ) for our alaska cruise in 2020 and couldn't be more excited. A bit pricey but this is my 31 bucket list trip so I want to maximize it. Funny thin is my son and his wife are traveling with us and are literally staying on the opposite end of the ship as they have the most forward portal room on the same deck! Figure we can burn off dinner simply walking between the two cabins
  5. Awesome! I really hate dealing with phone calls. But actually I checked my spreadsheet when I got home and it turns out this sale of Deluxe/voom at $56 is actually a dollar more than when I bought it on Black Friday
  6. Its being offered on my cruise but i cant select my wife & I, supposedly because we already bought earlier. I cant find anyway to cancel the original order. is the only way by phone? (this will save us $74)
  7. Pretty cool so far but it seems you can only redeem OBC for new bookings...not sure how you time it to work that way
  8. I have only done one cruise so far (have two more booked) but am already amazed at how all the rules seems to favor the cruise line and not the customer. I dont know of any other "entertainment/travel" industry that is this lopsided! Fortunately my first trip went without a hitch (except for the underwater earthquake scrapping some Cayman expeditions.....) so I am not personally tainted at this point. I dont have a problem with last minute changes due to weather, but find it absurd you can be rerouted because the line is too incompetent (yes, it IS incompetency!) to forecast dry dock schedules, or can simply wipe out reservations to allow a charter of the ship. I do realize these issues are industry problems and not just RC.
  9. No idea how this is supposed to work...downloaded it....played some game called King Kong (on auto-spin) until I eventually ran out of chips and have like 300 credits. So just come back daily and play again?
  10. jce2

    Discount campaigns 2018

    Yea, i am really not expecting one and that is fine, if I wasn't willing to pay the price i wouldn't have booked the cruise. But I got Danette over at MEI tracking it for me just in case. Only real disappointment/surprise was that the initial sale included NO OBC. Still, I got exactly the room I wanted for the vacation of a lifetime so all is well. As a point of reference. I booked this April's Caribbean cruise last January and the price has steadily climbed ever since with no hope of sales......but that means I bought it for $1000 less than now so I kind of got a sale! 😉
  11. jce2

    Discount campaigns 2018

    I literally booked by 2020 Alaska cruise 45 minutes BEFORE they were posted on-line. will be interesting to see if anytime between now and March 2020 (when final payment is due) there is any sale that benefits me.
  12. I would have transferred to Annette but apparently some guy named "Matt" is keeping her busy...... 😉
  13. Well you convinced me! Transferred my Alaska 2020 cruise to Danette over at MEI last night. I normally like to do the leg work myself but with this cruise being so far out thought it might be easier to let a pro monitor the sales etc.
  14. jce2

    Best and worst: aft balconies

    After reading about aft balconies and seeing pics i was super eager to get one. I stalked the RC site the morning that Alaska 2020 was supposed to go on sale and after a few hours of it not showing up I decided to be "naive" and call RC directly. At first even their rep didint think they were on sale yet but he checked and they were!! I was able to grab the corner aft on 8th deck of Radiance. so excited to hang out there on cruise days and just enjoy the Alaskan coast sailing by. Plan on a tri-pod out their for my camera and a good set of binoculars. Would be awesome if i can hear the Naturist talks form there but doubt it
  15. jce2

    Royal Up program

    Twangster, if my son gets that e-mail and i can bid $400 to move him from a OV to a balcony I will write the check myself!! Boy, would that cap off our Alaska trip!!