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  1. Cincinnati doesnt have chili, they have overrated spaghetti sauce
  2. I found the Invicta prices to be comparable to that offered by other outlets. seems Invicta sets very high ($1000+) "retail prices"....that no one actually sells at! After seeing Invictas on-board I checked them out on-line after the cruise and found an Invicta I liked that the cruise didnt have at about the same price as the cruise offerings, so i bought it
  3. Found a bug this week. We have two cabins reserved (so two reservations linked together). On my app it shows my reservation and my room but it lists my son's excursions instead of mine in "My Calendar"......everything shows up fine on the normal on-line planner.
  4. Cool!! On that trip we visited Milan and sang at Easter mass in the Florence Cathedral...... they start the day with a parade that ends at the cathedral. Once there they have a float with fireworks. A firework in the form a a dove is propelled along a wire from the float to the cathedral. It is designed to hit the end of the wire and return setting off the fireworks on the float. A successful return means a good harvest.
  5. I had the distinct honor of singing in the Vatican. The acoustics are amazing. When the last note was sung the sound seemed to "roll" to the back of that amazing basilica. That was 44 years ago yet I remember it clearly.
  6. I dont know if I ever WENT to a YOLO....been to a lot of places but that was in my military career (spent 3 years in Holland and 4 in Gemrnay), I got to see Rome, Florence, and Venice in my senior year in High school in a choir competition.... but as far as YOLO...that will be next year when I finally get to Alaska! Totally splurging on this one with an aft corner...havent quite gottem myself to commit to a bear excursion ($800+ per person)
  7. Spouses most definitely DO qualify!! So do dependent children
  8. Such a good deal that I was convinced there had to be a catch.....Nope! Have skied 10 times so far this year at Keystone, Breckenridge, Vail, and Crested Butte, and with Breck open until Memorial day hope to get 4 more in.......$99 well spent!
  9. Since we have mentioned a few other military offers I will tell you about one that totally blows my mind.....here in Colorado (and some other states and Canada) we have a season lift pass called the "Epic Pass". There are many "flavors of this pass but most range in price from $650-$850 and include skiing in multiple locations. Last year was the 10th anniversary of this pass. In celebration they chose to offer a special "Military Epic Pass" since many of the ski areas in Colorado had been founded by members of the 10th Mountain Division after their return from World War II (They had been trained in mountain warfare (and skiing) here in Colorado)......The Military pass which includes close to a dozen ski areas and had unlimited/no blackout date restrictions price?.....$99!!! Needless to say I grabbed one as a single day pass costs more than that! It is easily the biggest discount I have ever recieved for being military.....much to my surprise they have renewed it for next year (thought he price is now $125!).......Off subject I know but thought I would share as this far into this thread most likely only military folks are reading anyway........Note this pass is good for retirees and their dependents as well
  10. Did a bunch of research, most of which seems to support the notion that your luggage can be dropped off in Anchorage and delivered straight to the ship regardless of which train you take. here is one quote that seemed to explain it best... "I booked the train on my own last year. When you arrive at the train station there will be lines for each cruise line. Get in the Royal Caribbean line and check your luggage. You won't see it again until it is dropped at your cruise room door. When we got to Seward we actually checked onto the ship and then left again to explore Seward, but in hindsight that was not necessary. When we re boarded the ship there was no one waiting to be processed. It took 90 minutes at 1130 am and would have taken 5 minutes at 7 pm." If you look at a photo of the Anchorage depot you wil see a large whote tent structure off to the right of the actual depot. I beleive that is where you actually drop off your luggage. I highly suspect the luggage dropped off for the early morning train goes on the same truck as the RC train later in the day.
  11. As retired U.S. Air Force I feel a bit compelled to weigh in here....with a response that may surprise! I think they should get rid of the military discount altogether! Here is why...First, it only exists on paper. It rarely if ever actually gets applied. Meanwhile you ruffle the feathers of those non-U.S. non-Canadian military personnel. There is seemingly no problem with state-side companies offering discounts to U.S. service personnel only, as they are stores/restaraunts etc. that are based in thr u.S. and physically located in the U.S. (I would not expect to get a military discount at McDonalds in Japan..... BUT despite the fact that TC is suposedly a U.S. company, their market is very international including international ports, routes, and indeed crew! So to only offer the military discount to certain countries defenders slights others and in today's world of reading-to-much-onto-everything could even be viewed as a political statement. Offering the military discount to ALL military likewise doesn't work..do yo offer the discount to military from opposing countries? If not, s soon as you elimnate one you make a statement. Too many pitfalls here. Get rid of it I say! (Now, free drinks for veterans i could support! 😉
  12. I understand the law of gravity....but what did they do before they passed the law?
  13. I book virtually everything at the earliest opportunity. Booked my April 28th cruise last January and the price has steadily climbed ever since. Booked my Galveston Hotel last June and it has doubled in price since!! Booked my Southwest air fare as soon as the dates opened and the price has pretty much held steady ever since. For my Alaska 2020 trip I have good reason to believe I was the very first person to book a room (the RC operator wasnt even aware they were on sale yet!). Will book my anchorage hotel as soon as it opens (July 2019) and likewise will book air as soon as it opens (August?). I have read the 120 days rule but have never noticed it really make a difference...certainly dnt wait until AFTER the 120 mark to book but booking earlier seems to be fine
  14. Sailing out of Galveston makes this question easy!! Simply jump on the trolley ($1) and run down to the Walmart on the beach front and grab everything you need. Last year we did just that....we packed with no liquids...took trolley down to Walmart and bought what we needed (and some we didn't), grabbed BBQ at an award winning BBQ hole-in-the-wall in front of it and headed back to the hotel. easy-peasy! For my sailing in 27(!!!) days i plan the same thing only this time we are also stopping at a sports store along the route to grab flippers (saves packing them!).
  15. I think it is pretty clear from the OP's tone where the real problem lies here. Thanks Twangster for you invaluable tips and views. Your Alaska periscope VBLOG has been the singular best item I have encountered so far in my search from cruise knowledge
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