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  1. For my October 2019 3-day cruise on the Mariner: Deluxe Beverage Package showing $52, haven't seen it budge lower yet for this sailing Ulitmate Dining Package at $76/person. Oddly, Chops + 1 is showing up for $65. Seems crazy that anyone would pay that vs. $11 more for the UDP. The Key is $24.99, I nabbed it a couple months ago for $19.99 All day Thrill Waterpark Pass at $32.99; also got this a few months ago for $30 No savings this time around for me, but I know that drink package will drop one of these days!
  2. It's usually a no for me, but if I can get a Jr. Suite for less than $100/day over a regular balcony then I'll think about it. They're usually close to double price though, but I've stumbled upon a great deal once or twice.
  3. I keep going back and checking, but mine hasn't budged from $52. It's gone higher a few times, but never drops below $52. I'm still about 150 days away, and I know I can do better dagnammit!
  4. Mind you, this is a 3-day trip, so it's about $25.33 per person per day. Still a great deal though. I think the previous "ultimate" package was around $85 per person last time I saw it, even though the system wouldn't let me book it at the time. I'm good w/ paying less for more. 😎
  5. Mariner. Which has Izumi, Chops, Jamie's & Playmakers. I just looked again today and it's there for $76 per person (whole cruise, not per day). I was able to book it this time.
  6. I just checked the cruise planner for our October trip & it's not there. Although I did notice a couple weeks ago the old Unlimited Dining Package showed up, but I couldn't actually book it--just came up as no times available. I don't know if they sold out or that was just something weird in the system, but doesn't look like I can get it on my sailing. It's a short 3-dayer, so that might be a factor too.
  7. It needs at least three meters for the unicorns that hold it up in the water
  8. Are you sure you're not looking at the price for three or four cabanas? It's a little confusing in cruise planner when you put it in your cart. You only want to buy it for ONE person in your party. If you add all the people in your reservation, you're ordering everyone a cabana of their very own.
  9. I got a small drop on some things for my upcoming 3-day in October: DBP dropped from $56 to $52 Full day water park at Cocoa Cay dropped from $35 to $33 Nothing to scream about, but five minutes of rebooking saved me $34.32. I'll take it!
  10. I-4 has a charming ability to turn a 30 minute stretch into a 2-hour stretch, especially when you've got a ship to catch
  11. It's also hard to get a real sense of the true height of a ship while you're standing on it. If you're looking from a pool deck at the ship in the next parking space, there are some odd angles and forced-perspective going on that can make the neighboring ship appear much taller than it really is. It's also hard to adjust for how much more ship is above you. Theme parks use this trick on purpose to make the attractions seem bigger from the ground.
  12. Is the drink package cap still $12/drink, or did they bump it up to $13 like the Oasises & Quantums?
  13. Royal Caribbean has been building bigger and bigger water slides and ziplines. A mountainside cruise-launch system is the logical next step.
  14. I believe you don't get the perks, but you still get the points you otherwise would. And the packages typically available (i.e. drink packages) don't typically get offered, so expect to pay an upcharge for all of your Blood Wine & Raktajinos.
  15. Yeah, most of the time I see Junior Suites closer to twice the price of the next level down regular balcony. I'd rather go on two cruises in a regular balcony if that's what the cost is going to be comparable to. But for some reason there's not nearly the price gap on the 3-night trips out of Canaveral in October. Not sure if that's seasonal, local market, length of the trip, or some combination of everything. Maybe it's Royal Caribbean's attempt to hook relatively new cruisers on nicer cabins so they're more likely to splurge on bigger trips later. I've got no idea, but I'll take it
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