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  1. Thanks for the reply. Yeah you are correct... I found another wiki after extensive searching that confirmed that Zero Strawberry and many other flavors are currently only available in the freestyle machine. And, it requires the vendor to actually carry it. I was surprised to find the Fanta Zero button, along with Zero Strawberry, on a machine in Zaxby's. But, they buttons were all greyed out and showed the selections were not available. I am not holding my breath that I find it many places. I have started searching for the syrup "cartridge" for the freestyle machine, but no luck there either.
  2. So we just got back from an Oasis of the Seas cruise last week (departed 2/9/20). First time on Royal and absolutely loved it. We booked with Costco and was surprised to find to two chip enabled freestyle cups in our cabin. Soda package provided for free unexpectedly (along with other perks, Costco rocks). Almost bought a soda package before departure. Glad we did not. Anyway, my go to soda is Sprite Zero. Halfway through the cruise I found FANTA ZERO.... Wait, what. I have not had Fanta Strawberry since I gave up full calorie drinks 25 years ago. I was in seventh heaven. Now I am jonesing big time. Where else can I get this canned, bottled, or otherwise. I have had little luck in a google search. If I cannot find it anywhere else, I guess I will have to book another trip much sooner than planned, LOL.
  3. If you phone and provider support WIFI calling (Verizon does) you can activate it (before you go on trip). Anytime you car connected to WIFI, including on the ship, your phone will work as it normally does. Get on board, enable airplane mode, then turn wifi back on. This ensures you do not roam on cellular networks. Once wifi connects, phone works just like normal. Send and receive texts and phone calls. Oh, and yes... You will need to subscribe to the onboard Voom. Otherwise you have to wait until you can hop on a free land based wifi. But, everything will still work like above, even when international. I read somewhere else that you MUST activate wifi calling on your phone before you go international because you cannot activate out of your home country. I have not verified this fact.
  4. Always been curious about what it is like. Thanks for the videos, off to watch now.
  5. We did it with a private vendor when on a carnival ship about 5 years ago. I recall having to walk a good little bit (not a major walk, but not a mere 100 yards either). What I remember most was the crappy water shoes they provided. I did not have any and they provided the wet suit style water shoes. My feet do not do well on rocky paths with small and medium sized stones as the path had. I found the walk to be rather painful for my feet. Take your own waterproof (or you don't care they get wet) shoes with good padding, and you should be fine.
  6. Been searching and wondering the same thing... Between 4 camera batteries, two cell phones, two tablets, one laptop, I am worried about having enough outlets. On the Oasis of the Seas youtube videos I have watched, the three outlet desk setup only looks good for two plugs if they have the typical brick style plug. I have not seen a video where I can figure out how many total outlets are in a room. How many total outlets available in an outside balcony room on the Oasis of the Seas (larger 80 square foot balcony if that matters)? Thanks!
  7. I purchased The Key for our Oasis of the Seas trip, 2/9/20 for $24.99 last week. Today and email came stating on sale. Not sure if other dates/ships are affected, but it is currently $21.99. Saved almost $50 with a refund and repurchase.
  8. Check with your provider and see if WIFI calling is something available to you... Verizon, AT&T, and others (in the US) have the option of WIFI calling. I just test our family's. When phone is placed in airplane mode, turn WIFI back on. Then your phone will act just like it is connected to the cell network. Text, calls, internet all work. This MAY not be available with your carrier. But if it is, the phone must be set up to allow it to work. Mine was already set up, but I had to help the rest of the family figure out how to turn theirs on. Different for each phone manufacturer and version of android (should work with crapple too ).
  9. Okay, thanks for the additional replies!!! Sassmaster, (loving the name)… Catch you at the embarkation lunch maybe!
  10. Cool, thanks so much for the reply!
  11. Cool, thanks Kristi! I saw the linking feature and figured that might be the right answer. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  12. So I bought the key and it states that I can book shows "up to 72 hours in advance" of the cruise. Does this mean I cannot book until 3 days before the cruise? Or, I can book up until 3 days before the cruise? Right now there is no option to book so clearly I am too far out to try. But, when can I start? Just a little vague to me! Oasis of the Seas, sailing Feb 9, 2020. Thanks again! Bill
  13. Beg to differ for a variety of reasons, but not interested in the debate.,
  14. Going on Oasis of the Seas Feb 9, 2020. Just about convinced to purchase The Key, but other couple going with us has not fully paid Costco Travel and cannot make purchase through Royal until the reservation is fully paid and forwarded from Costco to Royal. I think they are interested in The Key, but for various reasons we do not want to buy it if they do not. With the price fluctuations I would like to buy now at $24.99 to avoid the 30 plus prices I have seen. But, when they pay off, they may decide not to buy it. If I purchase now, can I decline, get a refund, and not pay any penalty? Thanks, p.s. veteran cruiser, but new to royal Bill
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