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  1. No this was to have a balcony room on Harmony. To upgrade before Lifting and Shifting was even more ..... they didn't tell me the price as I had already refused to pay the £1300.
  2. Hi, was there any updates to these attempts to get RCI to Lift and Shift "Guaranteed" stateroom categories. I am having the problem. Am booked on Allure of the Seas on 9th Aug from Barcelona with a guaranteed ocean view balcony. I've called a couple of times this week to discuss my options as I am almost certain it will not sail. I was offered lift and shift to same itinerary in 12 months so today I requested to go head to rebook on Harmony of the Seas (everything else identical) in Aug 21. All was going well until I was advised there were no guaranteed balcony rooms available. I spent 45
  3. It was final payment today ..... they agreed to give me a few days grace to make final payment whilst they see if they can offer me anything next week. I made sure to get the advisors name!!!! I’m almost certain it won’t be sailing but don’t want to hand over a lot more money and then wait 3 months for a refund!
  4. Yep that’s exactly me. I asked for a refund on the grounds that I booked due to the Amplification (which I genuinely did) but they were having none of it.
  5. No I don’t want to go on it this year. I honestly don’t see it going ahead to be fair and I booked because of the amplification. I’ve tried calling again - on hold for 45 mins and then said nothing they can do today but the “revenue” team MAY be able to assist me who only work Mon to Fri.
  6. Nope, they wouldn't budge on anything at all. I was very polite throughout to the operator and after over 40 minutes on the phone trying to sort it today (because it is my final payment date) they cut me off. I have emailed customer services about it but I don't expect them to change their stance disappointingly.
  7. I’m in a similar position - we have paid our deposit to sale from Barcelona on Allure of the Seas in August. Final payment was due today so I called and they offered me lift and shift to same itinerary on Harmony next year from Barcelona - saying I would only have to pay difference in taxes and gratuities which seemed reasonable. I had a guaranteed balcony room on Allure (where RC pick the room instead of me). They checked all dates 4 weeks either side of my cruise in 12 months time and said they cannot match a “guaranteed balcony” despite the fact there are million of balcony rooms avail
  8. I’m due to sail on Allure of the Seas on 9th August out of Barcelona. Just weighing up my options before final payment date as I honestly can’t see it sailing and don’t want £4000 tied up with RCI for next 12 months. if I “Lifted and Shifted” to a similar sailing next year which RCI have offered to me - do they transfer my cruise planner purchases (drink package / photo package) to my new cruise (effectively same itinerary in 12 months time) or do they just refund them and you have to book them again at the prevailing rate? Thanks
  9. That’s exactly the same for us. I’m sure it’s a lovely ship as it is but we booked purely because of the amplification. I think they should refund us as it’s quite a significant change but they’re having none of it.
  10. No they won’t - think it’s only if your room isn’t available (as it wasn’t built in the refurb) they will offer you something. I asked to cancel because of it and they won’t refund my deposit.
  11. Leealdo ..... I too am from the North West of England ... hence the name. Great news you got a good deal. I have resigned myself to the fact that we won't be going on 9th August. Hopefully all will be well for your cruise and you can enjoy the drinks package!!!!
  12. Even though I seriously doubt my planned cruise on Allure of the Seas for 9th August 2020 out of Barcelona will sail, I have noted that in recent days the cost of the Deluxe Drinks Package has dropped to £34.20 per day (about $43) from previously sitting at £45.60 ($58) for around the last six months. Wonder if this is an attempt by Royal Caribbean to encourage people to stay with the saling and not cancel, or perhaps an attempt to get some revenue in?
  13. Appreciate this is somewhat of an old post but we are in exactly the same position. Booked on 8th August from Barcelona and we booked this booking purely because it was a newly amplified Oasis Class Ship. My final payment is due next month and with all the uncertainty around exactly what a cruise would be like even if it did go ahead, and the lack of amplification - I really don’t want to go on it anymore (but I respect other people can’t wait to get back to cruising.) I do think it’s wrong that RC are not being sympathetic to people in this position - they were advertising a newly amplif
  14. For those unfortunate people that have had their cruises cancelled and taken the 125% future cruise credit option - can I presume this just relates to your actual cruise fare and you have not recieved any bonuses on drinks packages etc - just a full refund? I just wondered?
  15. I had exactly the same query. My son will be 7 and my daughter 5 - albeit only a couple of months off 8 and 6 by the time we sail. I’m not generally one for putting the kids in kids clubs however the Royal Caribbean one sounds great so I’d be happy to let the kids go if it’s what they wanted. I too would want the kids to stay together though. I think I’d just head over there on the first day, let the kids have a look and ask the question - then let the kids decide if they want to go.
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