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  1. Cruise with Confidence! A wonderful thing. We were able to transfer our booking to the Oasis one week later for no additional charge...other than losing a discount that had been offered earlier, but still cheaper than the $100/person change fee.
  2. As I am sure many of you have seen, RC has started the Cruise with Confidence program. I was able to transfer my cruise to a different ship at no cost. The only thing I lost on was a larger than normal discount for selecting a Junior Suite. In total it only changed my cost by about $200. Better than the $500 it was going to cost me.
  3. I certainly don’t want anyone to think I am complaining about the Allure. It is an amazing ship and you will love it. We really just wanted to experience the upgrades and had Covid19 not happened we would have. We aren’t asking RCC to lose money. We just think it would be fair to switch to another ship that is amped. They literally would lose nothing. We are loyal to RCC and that won’t change. It does seem that the ports are so repetitive anymore that the draw becomes the ship itself. We and our kids want to experience the upgrades that come with the amp. Hope you have a gre
  4. I have a sailing on the Allure in April 2021. My wife and I have been on this ship the last two cruises and decided to do it again with the kids since it would be amplified and therefore more enjoyable for the kids. With all of the Covid stuff going on they have suspended the amplification. I called RC to ask about transferring our booking to the Oasis (almost a year in advance) and they informed me that we would have to pay a $100/person transfer fee for a total of $500. This seems ridiculous to me as this is a direct result of Covid19. I'm not trying to be petty, but I do think there sh
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