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  1. For some (like me) here is what is happening...When my cruise originally got cancelled I was offered the 125% OBC in leu of planner item refunds.....but then several months later they simply credited the refund (100%) back to my credit cards....now they are applying 25% as OBC as a way to "honor" the original offer. I will say that while it took almost 8 months, in the end everything worked out.
  2. OMG!! Someone introduced me to this mix at a socce game...... no idea who won....or if they even played
  3. I buy it for the convenience. I suspect I actually lose a little but really like not "budget watching" during my cruise. Will probably skip it on my Alaska cruise next year wit the long port calls.
  4. Two days a Coco Cay and one at Nassau? Now theres a cruise to avoid like the plague! Yuck!
  5. Didnt take long at all (sorry if I implied it did!). My TA contacted me within an hour of my original check how the sale would effect upgrading my sons room for a ocean-view to a balcony.
  6. Yeah, my TA (MEI) just reached out to me and my catagory being sold out is problmeatic and my sons catagory actually went up in pirce. I could save by changing to a regular balcony but no way am i giving up an aft balcony on my dream vacation!
  7. It would actually add OBC in my case as I booked the day the cruise first posted and there was no OBC offered. The problem is, how do you reprice the room if the catagory is sold out as there is no way to look at that catagories pricing on-line? I understand that not all categories may be in the offer, but how can i definitivly find out? In the past I could just call RC and ask, but as I understand it, they wont speak to me if it shows I have a TA (I honestly waffled on using a TA specifically for that lack of control but took the leap) FYI: The room catagory in quesiton is the more expensive of the two "Spacious Balcony" catagories (aft cabins) on the June 19th sailing of Radiance out of Seawrd.....
  8. Greetings, A quick question: I have a room already booked and now there is a significant sale going on. I know in previous cruises i have been able to reprice my room to take advantage of the sale without actually changing my reservation or room. In the past I have been able to tell if i was saving money simply by doing a fake reservation of a room in the same category. Alas, this time all the rooms in my catagory are alreayd sold (aft balcony) so no way to price-check. Any idea how I can solve this? Using a different date with similar prices it looks like I can save $1000. I am using a TA this time but last time I asked about a sale she implied I would have to change rooms. Is that true?
  9. Looks like they updated the site overnight and the northbound itinerary now shows the bay and not Skagway, while southbound (except for one date) keeps Skagway
  10. So it gets a bit more interesting....when you initially click on the northbounds, the itinerary includes Skagway, but when you click on "Explore this itinerary and move thru the days you get the change to Glacier Bay.......when you try the same thing southbound you keep Skagway and don't do Glacier Bay,,,,,,,,,,yet ......Did some research by specifically looking at Glacier Bay in RC and there is ONE southbound trip going to the Bay (so far) and thats the one on May 22nd. It does Hubbard, then the bay then Juneau.....but now Juneau is 13.5 hours! From 7:00 am to 8:30 PM (so leaves a half hour earlier). But whats really interesting as it lists Hubbard as tendered....... Thinking that need to tender on Mondays might keep Radiance out of the Bay for most south bound trips....time will tell
  11. Alas, going to the RC site gives no clues. even for the May 15th sailing it still shows the old itinerary
  12. Oh God no!! Please RCCL dont mess with my #1 bucket list trip! I beg you. Already have an incredible day planned in Juneau including an evening whale watch. I am sure the bay is nice but really dont want to give up a port for it. Still, this is a north-bound May trip and mine is southbound end of June and no letter yet......As soon as RC won a bid I suspected they would change Radiance. Will still love the trip
  13. I suspect the impact is far less than people think (and probably the reason RCCL is honoring it). The only people who would even have been aware of it were either coincidently on the site pricing a drink package already or just happened to be out on one of these social media outlets at the right time. It was also available only on certain sailings of certain ships and for a rather limited time. I know I am on this page or several RCCL FB throughout the day and by the time I was aware of it and jumped out to my cruise it was either over or didnt effect my cruise (Radiance June 2020)
  14. If you look at the top of this blog you will see "Cruise Compass". Click on that then use the filter to see only HOS compasses. Find one that matches your itinerary and you can glean opening and closing times for all kinds of things. It's an awesome source for seeing what kind of activities/opportunities you will have on your cruise
  15. Watching your videos I am beginning to think I might have made a mistake....Alaska is #1 on my bucket list, so when it came time to finally book my own Alaska cruise I pulled out all the stops and splurged, spending the extra bucks to get the corner aft balcony room.....now perhaps I am overthinking this but it seems to me there would be a greater chance of seeing aquatic activity from a normal "side" balcony than from the aft as off to the sides is seas relatively undisturbed by the ship while to the aft is water being actively disturbed by the ship and therefore may be lacking in aquatic activity....hopefully I am wrong as everything else about the aft balcony seems to be a plus (room for 4 chairs!!)
  16. Crap!! You just cost me thousands of dollars. haven't even gone on my first Alaskan cruise (Radiance in 2020) and now already know i need to book a second so i can see Sitka (really want to go to Raptor Center)
  17. ummmmmm.....was on Liberty the week before this and while the app does not have the planner it DOES have the compass and you can easily move things from the compass to your personal calendar
  18. If that is true then there really is no way to clearly state this BOGO 50% sale as in reality that is not what it is! It's actually more of a "25% off sale" (gets you the same prices without the implication you have to buy 2)
  19. Since to take advantage of the deal you have to buy two packages, why not say "$94 USD for 2 adults per day"....or...."First adult $63 USD / Second adult $31 USD per day"
  20. Cincinnati doesnt have chili, they have overrated spaghetti sauce
  21. I found the Invicta prices to be comparable to that offered by other outlets. seems Invicta sets very high ($1000+) "retail prices"....that no one actually sells at! After seeing Invictas on-board I checked them out on-line after the cruise and found an Invicta I liked that the cruise didnt have at about the same price as the cruise offerings, so i bought it
  22. Found a bug this week. We have two cabins reserved (so two reservations linked together). On my app it shows my reservation and my room but it lists my son's excursions instead of mine in "My Calendar"......everything shows up fine on the normal on-line planner.
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