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  1. After the first night, we asked for the same waiter. It looks like they do an early seating in the American Icon Grill at 5:30, and then they begin filling My Time Dining as tables empty. Our reservations most nights were for 6:30 or 6:45, and the table must not have been available when we got there. One night we were seated at a different table in that room, and 2 other nights we arrived early (6:15ish) and were taken to tables in the 4th or 5th deck dining rooms that hadn't been occupied that evening. So yeah, for first-timers I'd recommend using fixed-time dining (and observing how
  2. Okay, back with the rest of my recap/review.... CocoCay: Summary: CocoCay is a beautiful island with a lot to do.... if the weather is nice. Our day on CocoCay was low-70's, windy, and pretty cloudy all day. With the wind and no sun, it was a little too cold to be comfortable/relaxed in the water (both beach and pool). We reserved a Chill Island Cabana and I was hoping to be able to spend a lot of time snorkeling and relaxing in the sun. Well, we found out the snorkel area was closed due to the high winds, and that we wouldn't have been able to see anything anyways. We heard ofte
  3. I got so much great advice and information from these message boards that I wanted to make sure I came back and posted a recap/review of our cruise. I'm hoping this might help some other first-timers in the future. Sorry if I jump around to different topics! It's been tough getting my brain going again since the cruise! Cruise: 12/22 to 12/29 Allure of the Seas Eastern Caribbean Staterooms: We had 5 of us in 2 staterooms. I can't imagine trying to get more than 3 people in a stateroom. The magnet hooks and shoe-organizers were awesome for keeping things organized. I think I'm goi
  4. Cool! I can see our balcony in this photo! In return, here's a photo of Adventure heading into the setting sun at the same time:
  5. Just sailed on Allure last week as a first time* cruiser. It was great (I will recap more later) but we ran into one issue I wanted to ask about. When we arrived at Port Everglades Sunday, after exiting and getting through customs, I tried to get on my phone to call a Lyft ride. My phone showed several bars of Verizon coverage but the Lyft app would never connect. Other apps didn't work either or were very slow. My family tried to get the Lyft app on their phones but the download through Google Play reported it would take 22 hours it was going so slow. I walked around to try and ge
  6. We stayed at the Hilton FL Marina on the 21st using points. Our rooms weren't ready until 4:30 and 5:30, and there is a lot of construction/renovation going on. (Lots of people sitting around the lobby waiting for rooms!) Rooms were nice though, and they gave us a free breakfast to make up for the troubles. The other hotels mentioned are in a better location for last minute shopping at Publix, etc.
  7. I'm hoping to play some poker on Allure in 11 days(!!!) I'll try and report back what it was like. flamtap
  8. Yes! Looking forward to it! ( 5 - adults & teens) flamtap
  9. For my Allure sailing 12/22/2019: Photo package all digital (or all prints) dropped from $234.99 to $149.99 Refreshment package was $20 now $17 Voom S&S 1device is $15.99 but I got for $15.39 in September
  10. Was checking cruise planner today and Chill Island cabana for December Holiday cruise on Allure is listed at $2000!
  11. Oceanaria is still on my cruise planner for my 12/22/19 cruise on Allure. I would hate to miss it! flamtap
  12. There's also a Science Channel "Impossible Engineering" episode about building Harmony: https://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/impossible-engineering/full-episodes/worlds-biggest-cruise-ship?
  13. Wait, will my 12yo be able to chat with the rest of our family on this? (Allure) flamtap
  14. There are a couple card games we have that we really enjoy playing as a family: "Five Crowns" and "Wacky Six". (both are variations of games you can play with standard decks.) We like them because they don't take up much room, and they're quick to teach to new players (unlike Settlers or many other board games). These are best for adults or teens. flamtap
  15. Heck, I'd ask for them to make little animals out of them on the bed just like the towels!
  16. Our cruise on Allure is in Cococay on December 28 and says it departs at 7pm. Sunset that day is at 5:29pm, so I wondered what we would be able to do after dark on/at the island. I sure wouldn't mind a fireworks show for our last night! flamtap
  17. Is it possible to buy admission to the Thrill water park after you're already on Cococay? Full day passes are $94 for my holiday sailing, which is about 2x what I'd pay for any water park, anywhere. But if we get there and my kids are dying to try it (and spend some of their own $$) can we buy admission on the island? Will it cost even more than the $94!? Any chance they have deals after a certain time of day? I know, probably not... Thanks for all the info!
  18. flamtapgt - Allure - December 22, 2019. Thanks for compiling this!
  19. Can I still bring two wines per stateroom if one of our staterooms is for my kids (ages 12,15,18)? Or is it only for staterooms with somebody 21 or over? Thanks! flamtap
  20. For our 12/28/2019 visit I reserved at $521 for chill island. Since then I have seen them as high as $1699!!!! Most remaining cabanas (chill island are sold out) are $1299. flamtap
  21. Hi all, I am working on planning for our Christmas 2019 cruise on Allure. There are 5 of us and we want to snorkel on Cococay. I'm trying to decide whether to use the rental gear or if we should purchase and bring our own. Ideally, I would purchase masks and snorkels, and then rent vests and flippers from the snorkel shack on Cococay, but I don't know if they offer the equipment by the piece like that, or if you just have to pay for snorkel gear all or nothing. Does anyone know if they will rent flippers only, etc.? Also, we will have a Chill Island Cabana. It seems like in
  22. @Pima1988 I really appreciate all this information. Can you tell me if the snorkel gear you rented included the inflatable vests? Thanks again!
  23. Can anyone tell me if the poker tables on Allure are non-smoking? Thanks in advance!
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