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  1. Hi I am new to this cruising with technology. If I want to just communicate with other cruisers through my cell phone..... do I need to purchase phone package? Someone said, connect to their Wifi and use I messanger... ??? Thank you:)
  2. thank you for your response!! Does this app have the imessenger thing that others are talking about - to text between other cruisers????
  3. What is the Imessenger app.... is this through RC mobile app.... ??? I downloaded that app... but don't see anywhere to message others.... ???
  4. I am traveling on the Symphony of the Seas & I downloaded the mobile app..... but not showing all the activities and sometimes my reservations are not loaded in "my calendar" Anyone having this same issue ?? RC says that day of sailing it will be fine.... ????
  5. Is the new smart phone IQ App available on the Symphony of the Seas yet ? Will it be for November Cruise????
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