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  1. Congrats on the Not doing Carnival again. We are Diamond on RCI and Platinum on NCL. We prefer RCI overall. You can always count on the Windjammer and Schooners, not matter the ship. Someone did a YouTube video comparing them and RCI came out ahead on that one too. They did give kudos to NCL for the Waterfront concept.
  2. Following. I was wondering if the Orlando hotels would be cheaper, or more expensive.
  3. It has probably already been covered, but my advice is to never fly in the day of the cruise. Delays are frequent. Who needs the aggravation? I always recommend 2 days before so you have a chance to relax, take in the port city and be refreshed when you get on the ship.
  4. The rules are different here, because the wait staff get paid different. They depend on tips for their living. If the employers paid the full wages, they would have to charge more and there is no incentive to do a better job. At least pre-pay the gratuities.
  5. Being from N. WI, I consider it hot. Probably somewhere in between all these response as the opinions are largely based on where they live.
  6. Yup. You can use it on as many devices as you want, but only one at a time. Don't forget to log out each time.
  7. Wrong forum, and what kind of headline is that?
  8. We wear matching t's more often than not. We have one that says Husband and wife, cruising partners for life. We still have our Royal Caribbean Save The Waves t shirts from years ago, We save up older shirts to take along on the cruise so they can be thrown away and replaced with new logo shirts.
  9. It is true that you can only get one drink at a time with your card, but anyone that has been on a few cruises knows, it is insanely easy to get a drink for someone else. It only takes one to get him booted from the program. RCI used to allow only one person in the cabin to have the package and this is why they no longer do. Someone, on a different board, bragged that he did that and saw nothing wrong with it. It is stealing. If you like this person well enough to share a cabin with him, then you like him enough to sit down and explain to him that things are different on the ship.
  10. Good comments. No matter what the age of the ship, we bring a compact extension with 3 outlets and 3 usb ports. We uplug it and store it in a drawer when not in use. Some cabins may also have usb ports in a lamp or on the TV, so check when you arrive.
  11. As many devices as you want as log as it is one at a time. Be sure to log off when you are done with each use. Sounds like the chances are about Zero that you will not be accessing your work phone.
  12. My apologies! The review has been moved to the Live Blog forum. Thank you for letting me know.
  13. A few thoughts on our recently completed Adventure Of The Seas cruise; A BULLET POINT REVIEW OF OUR ADVENTURE OF THE SEAS CRUISE OCTOBER 7-20, 2019 · Overall we would give this ship a 4 out of 5 rating. · Ports were Quebec City, Prince Edward Island, Sydney, Halifax, Bar Harbor, Portland, Saint John, Boston and Port Canaveral. Disembark was in Ft. Lauderdale. Due to strong winds and choppy seas, we had to bypass Halifax. · Embarkation was a breeze, once we got to the terminal. The seapass we printed out worked for purchases on the ship until we got to our
  14. The review is posted on LoveToCruise. We are now officially Diamond members! Unfortunately, our next 2 cruises are not RCI.
  15. This review has been deleted

  16. Thanks. We nixed that one anyway. Separate question. I am ready to post a review for our Adventure Of The Seas Snowbird cruise, but don't sea a place to do that. What is the procedure?
  17. Inspired by a blog post the other day, I checked out RCI Vancouver to Hawaii. I know the ship is required to have at least one foreign port on its itinerary, but do we? On Ovation Of The Seas, it starts in Vancouver, but its next port is Seattle. Is it possible to embark in Seattle
  18. We never try to upgrade. We choose the category we want, in the area we want when we book. We were offered an upgrade by our TA once, but we knew where the upgrade was to.
  19. I would say not to worry about it. We have never had a ship arrive late and it sounds like you are driving, not flying.
  20. Just be content knowing that RCI cabins are bigger and better laid out than many other lines.
  21. Key or no key, that should not be a problem. We have disembarked at FT Lauderdale and been at the airport by 9:30. Do curbside check in and save tons of time.
  22. We are on this cruise. We had to bypass Halifax. It happens sometimes. No big deal. We found that day was very relaxing as this id a port intensive cruise.
  23. Lot's of board games on the ship. Live dangerously and try one instead of bringing your own.
  24. Why would you not. It is their job to get you the best deal. If they are washy washy (oops, my mistake). If they are wishy washy, you probably need a different TA. Bumpy ride! Feels like our plane has just landed, but we are on Adventure Of The Seas.
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