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  1. so the embarkation was pretty simple, when you get off the shuttle they check your check in time to make sure you are supposed to be there. once this is done they will show you to the entrance of the port where they will check your negative covid test and vaccine card. with this complete you will be allowed to enter the port where you will be greeted by customs to check your passport/birth cert and ID, after which you will be sent to check in where they will check all your info again(ID, BC/passport/vaccine card and negative covid test). after they have entered all your information, they will issue you a rubber bracelet to show you are vaccinated and a tracelet to be able to contact trace while on the cruise(you have to wear both at all times unless in your stateroom). all in all it was pretty fast and simple, as far a vaccinations, the only people not vaccinated were kids under 12 and they had separate dining and show seating. Just for our piece of mind, my husband and I got tested today (post 3 days) and tested negative!!! I am defiantly going to continue cruising...
  2. Just got home from the Allure of the seas Aug 22, 2021 cruise. So first I have to say, that I felt safer on the ship then I do at my work(I work in a hospital). Everywhere you look and turn are hand sanitizing stations and hand washing stations. They clean your stateroom twice a day, all theaters are fogged after each show, masks are required for everyone indoors and pools and hot tubs have a capacity limit as well as elevators which are also cleaned ALL DAY LONG! The care that is put into making sure we are safe is above no other. The buffet was weird to not serve yourself but was still kind of normal feeling (as much as it could be), you cant even get your own drinks for the refillable cups, they have someone there at all times to serve you. we were at about 30% capacity (1684 passengers and 1800 staff). We have already booked for our next cruise to cozumel in March 2022. We did have to present our negative covid test and vaccine record 3 times prior to boarding the ship but we gladly did so. We have no doubt Royal is going way above what the CDC says they need to do.
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