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  1. My family of 6 will be Diamond for our 7 night Alaska cruise next May. This will be our first cruise as Diamond. I believe this means we all get one free day of internet for one device. So does that mean on one day we can use my 5 year olds free day and all take turns signing into and out of our devices to check our emails etc? Then the next day use the 16 year olds free day and so on and basically never pay for a Voom package? Also, just to be sure I understand. There is a Diamond lounge on quantum but it’s basically useless except for maybe a place for my husband to have a silent and empty place to catch up on work or a place my kids could bring card games to play if the library is full? What are the yummiest mocktails or daiquiris the kids can use their drink vouchers on? Anyone know if Johnny rockets on quantum lets you use drink vouchers for shakes? I’ve read it depends on the ship.
  2. I’ve done two Christmas cruises on anthem and navigator. They are my absolute favorite and so magical. My kids ask to do a Christmas cruise every year, in fact my daughter just begged me yesterday, but we try to just do it every other year! They much prefer that over getting gifts, though we do bring stockings for Christmas morning since I have young ones that would be sad if Santa didn’t visit. Bring ugly sweaters, get ready to sing Christmas carols on the promenade, and kids collect a gift from either Santa or royal Caribbean employees (one cruise it was Santa, the second it was just employees). Ask me any questions you have.
  3. I arranged and travelled with a party of 19 in April. Since our reservations were linked our tables were all together and we didn’t have to go in and make a request.
  4. I just booked my first solo cruise yesterday. I’m “sacrificing” a week so that come May my family of 6 will be Diamond for our Alaska cruise. Reading that I could be seated at a table of 8 in the MDR is giving me anxiety. I am the definition of introverted and rely completely on my extroverted husband to start conversations when we’re around others. I am looking forward to doing everything absolutely alone and not talking to a soul for 5 days. So upon embarkation should I go see if I can sit solo or should I just switch to my time dining now? In all of my cruises I’ve never done My Time so I’m not sure how it works.
  5. Just booked yesterday! First solo cruise so that my family of 6 will be Diamond for our Alaska cruise in May. The sacrifices we make as mothers.
  6. I’m replying with the caveat that I haven’t been to thrill waterpark however we did just cruise to cococay in April and I did watch the waterpark prices closely for nearly a year beforehand. On Black Friday they were something like $35. I couldn’t believe it and really should have bought them, my oldest kids were so disappointed not to go to the water park (it was intentional not to purchase them though because we had tickets to universals volcano bay after the cruise). After Black Friday they went up to $75, then closer to sail date they were $110. So if your cruise is next year hold out and hope for a Black Friday sale.
  7. Hi! Adding 20 more people to this roll call! I booked them all for extended family! Our nightmare of travel is unbelievable as well. Our flight to Miami Saturday evening was also cancelled. We flew to Atlanta early this morning. Currently we’re driving 9 hours from Atlanta to Miami. With so much family going all paid for by Grandma (my mother in law) we were willing to drive from Atlanta, New Orleans or Baton Rouge. We couldn’t get a rental car in Atlanta but luckily 14 of our group came to Orlando on Wednesday and my father in law drove ALL the way to pick us up. Then we get a rental van in Orlando and finish our journey to Miami. We should be there around 1-2am. I hope you make it onboard Monday! Best wishes. If you see us in matching tie dye hoodies come say hello!
  8. Agreed that Ovation didn’t spend much time at the glacier or do a 360 like radiance did. The fitness center on ovation was a great viewing place though.
  9. I’m in agreement on the MDR. Precovid the staff would get to know my kids, do magic tricks, chat, and have all of their favorites ready to go. In December that was not the case and it just didn’t feel the same. We’re headed out on our third cruise in 6 months and the menu in the MDR is exactly the same as it was the last two cruises every single night. Nothing is different. All out of different ports: Seattle, Los Angeles, and Miami. I used to get multiple apps, and desserts but the quality just isn’t as good as it used to be. I also felt like our stateroom attendants haven’t been as great. On navigator he told us what his hours are. It’s fine and great to set those boundaries, just not what I’ve ever experienced before and definitely made me feel like I needed to be out of my room during those times so he could do what he needed to. Twice he cleaned the room while we were hanging out on the balcony. Just much less personable, not much chit chat in the hall, things like that. I’d never give any of the staff bad reviews because I don’t want to effect their jobs. I hope possibly more staff can be hired so there is better morale.
  10. I understand the NAAT is accepted, but is it accepted for unvaccinated children? I’m just afraid someone at the terminal won’t see the magic letters “PCR” and will deny boarding for my 3 year old.
  11. Sorry just saw your response. The rest of the story…We were already out of state and our cruise left on Christmas Eve. Would’ve been a miserable Christmas with not a single gift at home if we had to cancel. We waited in line for an hour for a $300 rapid pcr for the 3 year old the day before the cruise. For my other two kids I hadn’t realized I could get them antigen tests since they were vaccinated (this is when the rules were ever changing as vaccines came out for 5-11 year olds), but since it was the day before the cruise and toward the height of omicron there were of course no free rapid antigen appts at cvs etc. So I had to find a private company and I think those tests were $80 each. I was just happy they could get rapid antigens so I didn’t have to spend $900 on three rapid Pcrs. Gave ourselves a 50/50 chance of getting on the ship. Very stressful. Good news is we got to meet @Matt as he was on the same sailing and we happened to both be on the same whale watching excursion in Cabo.
  12. I’ve done Alaska cruises on both radiance and ovation. As another poster said, on Radiance you can get much closer to glaciers and do a full turn so both sides of the ship can enjoy listening to the creaking glaciers. On ovation I was SO disappointed how far away we were and the lack of time spent at the glacier; the ship was just too large to get any closer safely. However, also as others have said, the venues on Ovation, like the shows and the cafe in Two70 are amazing, as well as iFly, and the Seaplex. We spent many many hours hiking the Alaska wilderness while in port (hiking upper Dewey lake is the hardest hike I’ve ever done and I live in the mountains of Utah) and found that there was still plenty of time to explore and enjoy the ship venues on sea days. Some day I’d like to take my 4 kids and personally will be choosing ovation or quantum when we go.
  13. The PCR test can be done Sunday. But I’m warning you- pay for the rapid PCR. Just do it. I got PCR tests for 3 of my kids 3 days before sailing at CVS which said results within 48 hours. I got 2 back at 3:30pm AFTER I had boarded the ship and the one I needed the absolute most, for my unvaccinated 3 year old I never ever received the results for. It’s been 2.5 months. I was so stressed the day before the cruise finding very expensive rapid PCRs and wish I’d just done it that way in the first place. We’re sailing in 25 days and I don’t care that I have to spend $300 for a rapid PCR. I’m doing it. The anxiety and lack of sleep I experienced before our last cruise stressing over getting results in time was so miserable. I got the rapid PCR results in an hour. Worth every penny.
  14. Thanks for the response. I also contacted the shore excursions department and they said you are escorted on and off the ship for your RC excursion if you have unvaccinated kids in your party so you cannot stay off the ship after it. My sailing is next month so it’s unlikely the rules will change so I’m bummed not to be able to take my kiddos to the beach since my sailing has no beach excursions. The number of excursions is extremely limited, one port only has three options and the others only 5-7. But I’m just happy to be cruising with my kids and will enjoy it regardless.
  15. I’m wondering the same thing. The other question I have is: if I’m already off the ship with my kids for a royal excursion, can I remain off the ship and head to the beach? Or can I get off the ship early to explore then go to the excursion?
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