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  1. Just keep checking your expenditure on your TV. You can then budget as you go along. My hubby also keeps all our receipts and checks the amount against our on screen balance on the last night. There is always the final night to go on top but by then you will know roughly what your bill will be
  2. After being admitted into A&E on Christmas eve we decided to try and change our cruise to a no fly. Disappointing that the cruise from UK was a promotion cruise. It cost us a thousand pounds more as there were two choices. A all inclusive which we didn't need being top tier members. B book and not know our cabin. This was cheaper but as I can get motion sickness I like middle to back room. Also we wouldn't want to be in a room which was situated where we would get noise from bars etc. We were still covered by our 12 months insurance and had not yet paid the balance. It just cost us £150.00 for the change over.
  3. I am prone to sea sickness. I always book rooms middle to back. I take travel sickness pills with me. Taking one the night before we sail and every night at bedtime as if the sea turns rough in the night I know it will affect me. It's for years for me
  4. Thank, you yes we booked through Bolsover cruises. As this health issue will need investigation and a new one I'm not sure if insurance will cover it. I just don't think it wise to do a long haul flight so a no fly cruise would be acceptable round Europe. I will check documents as suggested.
  5. I am sure this must be answered on here somewhere but : I was taken ill on Christmas eve and needed to go to A&E. I was given some indication of what is wrong and don't fancy taking the risk of a long haul flight to connect with the ship. Would RCI move our deposit to another but no fly cruise? Thanks
  6. I'm not sure why you would need a fan as rooms have air con. If it's for other reasons you need to check with RC as not all electricals are allowed.
  7. Just to add that during the Indy refurb they have installed hand wash basins into the Windjammer we now have a choice washy washy or jelly jelly - I prefer to use soap and water TBH but it did get a bit messy at times in that area and staff needing to mop the floor as it did get a tad wet!
  8. We enjoy both ships. Labadee is a must we were there last year and loved it. Depends on how much you want that upgrade as well? We are on the transatlantic on Indy next May - Miami - Southampton with Labadee as one of the stops - lovely!!
  9. We were also on the same cruise as the O.P. I agree the ship was busy on sea days and yes the windjammer was heaving, however we have experienced this before on ships and will order room service for breakfast. We do have the option of other eating places don't we? On this cruise we didn't actually use the dining room at all, this sometimes happens with us - it all depends what we are doing and what we feel like we do generally use My Time Dining though. We went is on Disembarkation day and I thought it looked a bit squashed but didn't give it too much thought at the time - now i understand why! We ate either in the specialty eating places or the windjammer. The Diamond Lounge was pretty quiet as well compared to some cruises we have been on so I am taking it there were not so many top tier members on this cruise? I can't say we experienced any problem getting off the ship on port days and we enjoyed every port just walking and doing our own thing. The shows where good what we watched and also the ice skating but we needed to be there quite early to get a decent seat. I have to say though the invitation by the Captain to an Ice show for Top Tier guests was a bit disappointing as most probably queued longer to get in that the show lasted, I'm not quite sure if that had been thought out. My hubby and I christened it the moaners cruise as that is all we heard and much of it was about the weather and too many passengers. We got on with our cruise however and thoroughly enjoyed it. Back on it next year.
  10. We don't sail until the beginning of June and I printed ours off during the last week. As I said look under your onlinr check in when it's completed. That is where ours were
  11. I printed mine off last week. They were under the online check in. Once this was completed they appeared.
  12. Wr cruised my our daughter. We are Diamond she is lower. Even though I shared a stateroom with her she didn't get Diamond.
  13. Hi StarrySkies, I am very familiar with challenges people on the Autistic Spectrum face and yes planning is good. Your embarkation is sorted. Muster Drill. This entails standing outside with other passengers and can be very claustrophobic. If this would affect your son speak to a member of staff as this is a Mandatory requirement for passengers prior to the ships setting sail. Also during this time the ship will sound it's horn - and it can be loud. If your son is sensitive to loud noises you may wish to prepare him You will probably find the news letter very helpful. This is delivered each evening to your stateroom and will tell you what is going on around the ship the next day - so a good chance to prepare your son. Meals In the Wind Jammer can get very busy at times so you may need to eat early on Sea Days and maybe a bit later on Port days if this would challenge him. Then of course you could order breakfast in your room or maybe use the dining room. Shows You may find going earlier helpful so you have a better choice of where to sit with your son. Port days. Will you book a ships tour? Again these days can be very busy whilst waiting for your call if you have a tour booked. Sea Days You can generally find a quieter place out side if this helps your son, or of course there are things going off inside. Enjoy your cruise.
  14. Norway is beautifil. Maybe not as hot as Greece etc and a mixture of clothing is advisable. If you go choosr a cruise which goes to the North Cape and hopefully see the midnight sun
  15. No but we are on her on her Transatlantic crossing in May 2019 from Miaon to Southampton.
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