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  1. @PurdueFlyer- nothing to add, just love your avatar! Boiler Up!
  2. My Thanksgiving Mariner now has DBP for $52, down from $69...but Thrill water park went from $59/pp to $82/pp
  3. Nothing for my November cruise...but good for you!
  4. Auto

    Corny Jokes

    A skeleton walks into a bar and says "I'll have a beer and a mop." Two cannibals are eating a clown. One looked at the other and asked, "Does this taste funny to you?"
  5. I have nothing but good things to say about America's hat
  6. Not gonna lie...thought did cross my mind. Quickly vetoed by wife, though.
  7. Any day in St John's is a good day (better at night). This might be one of my favorite places on Earth. Spent many a night on George Street bouncing between Guinness and Black Horse, and of course getting "Screeched."
  8. Newly YOLO booked: 23 Nov 2020 Mariner of the Seas, two stops at Coco Cay!
  9. We used Greeking Me...absolutely would recommend them in a heartbeat.
  10. Should have known...read a @twangster blog, prepare to open wallet for a new cruise to try! Thanks for the great report, as always!
  11. Let's see... --Sailed with a sweetheart/spouse- including an anniversary cruise for just us --Sailed with other family members- 4 daughters --Sailed in or out of a port in foreign country- Spain and Italy --Gotten sick on a cruise- Briefly when the ship was caught in the Mistral in the Med --Ate at the midnight buffet- yep --Sailed on a cruise line other than RC- DCL, MSC --Had the chef make something special for only your table- on MSC from a waiter's recommendation
  12. Ovation out of Seattle June 18, 2021! Working really hard to sell the wife on a Christmas-time cruise this year 🤞
  13. I was in La Spezia last May (on MSC) and agree that the walk to the train station is not too difficult. My wife and I were off the ship as soon as we could, and even got to the Cinque Terre ticket office at the train station before it opened. The trains are easy enough, but there were a few delays, so take that into account and don't cut it too close. We only went to 3 of the villages so we could spend more time in each and not feel rushed. One important note: if you plan to do any hiking, be sure to wear closed toe shoes...you can be fined for wearing sandals (even hiking sandals) on the trails. In the villages you are fine with whatever, but not on the trails between them. My wife and I didn't know this until we got to the train station (failure of planning/research), but it didn't impact our plans terribly. It is gorgeous there, and I wish I could go back today!
  14. Took a greek isles cruise on Rhapsody last year, and enjoyed her. The crew was unfailingly fantastic and I really liked the ship. Not the biggest or newest, but a good ship none the less
  15. Made our decision and now I can add Ovation in June '21 to my signature block!
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