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  1. I'm currently in Anchorage for work, but got to fly over the glaciers up the Knik Arm and Prince William Sound yesterday. If I could have booked a cruise in flight.... I think I've sold my wife on an Alaska cruise for our 20th anniversary in 2 years!
  2. I joke with my girls that I have a ranking board and they can easily move up and down depending on the day 😂 Glad you had a great anniversary cruise!
  3. The article stated that dishes were broken in the altercation...guess that will happen during a banana cream pie fight
  4. Have a great cruise! #jealous Happy Anniversary, too! My wife and I are celebrating 18 next week (hmmmm...she was teaching when we got married, so I guess we are in on the trend, too).
  5. I earn 30 days/year, and can carry up to 60 days on the books. In addition to that are Federal holidays, most weekends, and random days granted off. However, if I am outside of the local area those days, it counts against me.
  6. We have two sets for everyone in our family, color-coded of course. They a) help us to keep everything straight for all 6 of us and b) make organizing the luggage pretty easy. Also nice to have a cube with shirts, one with socks/unmentionables, etc. Got them about 3 years ago, and can't imagine traveling without them now.
  7. All this for a cheap soccer/football joke 🤣 Don't get me started on cricket/baseball @Traveler @PPIT841 Sorry for the thread hijack!
  8. And, as Americans, we made it better by changing the shape of the ball and introducing the forward pass....Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸 Please don't flame me, I know "football" is "soccer" in other parts of the world not setting off fireworks tomorrow. I couldn't resist the joke
  9. I didn't know the NFL had a team in Barcelona 😂 Agree with all of the above, have a great time in Barcelona! Just when we thought the outside of Sagrada Familia was the most impressive thing we'd seen, we went inside and saw how the light through the windows made amazing color-scapes on the floor and walls...we could have filled an entire memory card with pictures!
  10. Disney Magic last May for the Western Med. Loved it so much that we took a Greek Isles (RCCL) cruise in November with the whole family, and then just did MSC Seaview (Western Med) this May, just her and I, for my wife's birthday (won't say which one, but a significant milestone) and our fini trip in Europe. And YOLO booked a cruise on Mariner for next June with my wife and her sisters/husbands.
  11. Have a great cruise! Love all of those ports!
  12. We really enjoyed our cruise on Rhapsody last November, the crew was very friendly and helpful! If Elvis is the cruise director, you will really enjoy him!
  13. I would look into the express bus from Piazza Roma to the airport. The piazza is a short walk from the cruise terminal (or shorter monorail ride), and I am pretty sure there is a luggage storage area there if you want to spend a few hours in Venice. There is not much to do outside of security at the airport, when we had to kill 4 hours there last year, we just sat on our luggage and connected to the free wifi until we could check our luggage (about 3 hours before flight).
  14. I took a very similar cruise 3 weeks ago, stopping in Barcelona, Palma, Ajaccio, and Genoa (Portofino). Barcelona- we hired a private guide for a half-day walking tour that went to Sagrada Familia and through the Old Town where the Romans established the city. Then we walked the Rambas. Sagrada Familia is NOT to be missed, it is unlike anything you have ever seen in your life, both inside and outside. Book tickets in advance, and expect it to be very crowded. La Rambas is a large pedestrian zone, and as touristy as all get out, but well worth the people watching. Don't stop for a meal there, you'll pay through the nose for low-quality tourist trap food and gigantic beers or sangrias. Getting around was pretty easy. From the cruise terminal, there is a "Cruise Bus" that takes you from the ship to near the Columbus Monument, and from there you can catch a cab or walk a couple of blocks to the Metro, which is very easy to use, and there is a stop right at Sagrada Familia. Word of warning- La Rambas is one of the most likely places in Europe to get pick-pocketed. Palma- The catherdral is breath-taking, right on the water and made of sandstone instead of limestone like all other churches in Europe. The stained glass inside is amazing, and there is a Gaudi altar inside (a very close copy of the one from Barcelona). We also took a 3 hour e-bike tour that rode along the waterfront and up to the castle overlooking the harbor, found it on TripAdvisor (Green Tours Palma, I think). Overall, Palma is a nice city to walk around and find a good bite and beverage. It is a little more complicated to get from the port to the city center, in that you either have to get a cab from the terminal, or walk a little bit to get to the bus stop (not too bad, but I don't hablo espanol). Ajaccio- We just walked off the ship, which docks right in town, and wandered the city. We were there on a Sunday, so not a lot was open. There is an open-top bus tour that takes you on a 90-minute-ish round about of the town and surrounding bay. There is a TON of Napoleon stuff (his birthplace) if that interests you. Genoa- Once again, we just wandered the town. The aquarium is an easy walk from the cruise port (which by the way is the most attractive cruise terminal I've ever seen from the outside). There is a street lined with palazzos that reminded me of Venice without the canals, and a cathedral with a bell tower and terrace you can walk up for great views. We didn't go to Portofino, but I understand it is reasonably easy to get to.
  15. This is a bucket list cruise for me!
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