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  1. Credit card was ok. They took the full amount but now they’re saying I owe more money but their figures don’t add up to the original invoice. As for their representatives I’m currently dealing with one through twitter and so far everything he’s said is incorrect (said I booked through a third party which is untrue, and I’ve just upgraded rooms which again is untrue)
  2. Just awoken to receive an email stating the balance on our upcoming cruise is fast approaching, trouble is that I’ve paid up in full weeks ago. Even their invoice doesn’t tally up with our price we paid. Real annoyance that now needs sorting, and I thought a cruise was meant to be a relaxing experience 🙁
  3. Is this ‘Royal Up’ available on every ship (Independence in June 2019) as I can’t see the wood for trees in looking for the page to do so?
  4. Quick question, if I’ve already booked the premium drinks package, when I order a drink is a gratuity added for each drink therefore adding an additional cost once onboard? Usually don’t bother with the alcohol package but considering it the time
  5. No problem whatsoever, to be honest even on formal nights I’ve seen some in shorts and polo/t-shirts in MDR.
  6. Less options, but well worth it. Fantastic food
  7. Very true. Can’t believe all the tiny little things, and bigger perks that have disappeared since I first cruised with RCCL 13 years ago. Trouble with me is although I’m tempted to try another liner I always end up booking with who I know.
  8. Change coffee mugs to fridge magnets and I’m similar to you. Will be needing a second fridge soon. On board I only really see RCI clothing and watches/jewellery on sale, nothing really different tbh.
  9. Personally I like to get on the as soon as possible. I’d rather be onboard early to avoid the heavier queues later in the day, plus it gives you time to explore if it’s a new ship for you. Then there’s the Windjammer for early lunch before it gets rammed. I’m also one to get off at the earliest opportunity when the ship docks at the end of the cruise, again to avoid the stampede of feet and suitcases.
  10. What I find annoying on RCI’s website is that when you look at booking the 3, 5 or ultimate dining experiences they don’t include Izumi and Myster dinner plus the Chef’s,table, however the picture strap across the page has images of those restaurants which can be misleading.
  11. On our last cruise to watch a couple return 30 mins late AFTER the ship had waited for them was one of the highlights of the cruise. They were so drunk they could barely stand and police had escorted them to the ship. I believe the Captain or security refused them onboard and after the couples friends had got off to argue with the decision, the ship left without them. A harsh lesson not to get bladdered while in port and always check when the ship leaves.
  12. Just booked for a cruise for mid June but this time gone with a guaranteed cabin so therefore we won’t know our cabin until nearer the date. Anybody had experience of this before, is it on the day when you check in you receive the cabin number, is it a risk doing this in regards of cabin quality/location as it’s the first time we’ve done it this way? Thanks
  13. Tried a dummy booking today as an offer st the moment is free drinks packages, however at the end of the booking it says ‘promo E’. Anyone have any ideas as to whether this is the all inclusive offer, or something else? It just seems odd at the beginning it clearly states ‘all inclusive’ until the end of the booking when it changes to ‘promo E’. As a side note, it’s not that much of a bargain as the prices have increased £300p.p. since last week, so in truth the drinks are exactly a freebie.
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