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  1. Just saw there’s discount for drinks and excursion packages for my upcoming cruise, so I log on to take a look. As you can see by the screenshots dated at the top of the page, it’s actually an increase since April 25th. What on earth is happening at the moment with RC?
  2. Done exactly that yesterday, looking at their new ship Iona for 2020.
  3. Just noticed on Twitter that they’ve told those who had a cruise cancelled have been given a 25% cruise credit towards another cruise. However, people have said cruises for 2020 on the Anthem have increased up to £500 pp since the announcement of the Indy no longer coming here in 2020. Giving with one hand whilst taking it straight back with the other hand. Disgusting behaviour tbh
  4. My next cruise will be the 7th with RCI, and the 6th on the Indy. In those years the benefits have vastly been reduced, as have certain aspects that have disappeared. Last year I was unhappy with the new refit of the Indy and how it affected the overall experience, but we’ve decided to give it another go this year. Just hope I don’t regret this decision
  5. Completely agree that Brexit isn’t affecting bookings, more likely it’s the price of the cruises that are being asked for RCI.
  6. My parents who have been on close to 50 cruises have recently tried P&O and have another one booked for 4 weeks times with them as well as next year on the Iona. They were very impressed first time around with P&O and feel RCI no longer off value for money, and they’re Diamond Plus through RCI & Celebrity.
  7. Really is a disgusting move to be honest. Seems this CocoCay is going to be rammed
  8. We were thinking to do the Fjords this year, but decided to do western Mediterranean this year and leave Fjords for 2020. So that’s our plans out the window
  9. Sorry about not replying to people who took the time to reply. Everything sorted out in the end after several calls and waiting on the phone. In the end they said it was a mistake that I was emailed as they had proof that I’d paid in full.
  10. Credit card was ok. They took the full amount but now they’re saying I owe more money but their figures don’t add up to the original invoice. As for their representatives I’m currently dealing with one through twitter and so far everything he’s said is incorrect (said I booked through a third party which is untrue, and I’ve just upgraded rooms which again is untrue)
  11. Just awoken to receive an email stating the balance on our upcoming cruise is fast approaching, trouble is that I’ve paid up in full weeks ago. Even their invoice doesn’t tally up with our price we paid. Real annoyance that now needs sorting, and I thought a cruise was meant to be a relaxing experience 🙁
  12. Is this ‘Royal Up’ available on every ship (Independence in June 2019) as I can’t see the wood for trees in looking for the page to do so?
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