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  1. Sorry but that’s simply not true. I’m in the UK, I work for a large organisation and do not know anyone, including myself that has changed the way they book holidays (vacations) due to Brexit.
  2. Did it with hand held and it worked great as no straps obstructed the view as they would have done with head mount and when in laid back position head angle would have been wrong. Thanks for all your advice and info.
  3. Currently on Oasis and drinks card was on sale on day 5 out of 7
  4. Thanks melski94, didn’t realise the handle bar influenced the speed so much. Good to know. Think I will try doing handheld but take a head mount with me in case they are more strict.
  5. Thanks JLM I’ve seen head mount and wrist/chest on YouTube but have also seen some that appear to be holding a camera. How recent was your wife and girls trip please? Think I might opt for head if I feel it’s secure enough. Is the landing likely to fire it off my head!?
  6. Thanks twangster, I had thought about GoPro on head and possibly phone in hand! My only concern about head mount is it flying off on touchdown at bottom
  7. Hi, Booked to do the Dragons Breath zipline in Labadee in a couple of weeks and want to record it. I’m sure some of you have done this already so I’m looking for some tips please. If you used a GoPro type camera where is best to mount it, head, chest, wrist? Can it be handheld on a floaty style grip? Any tips greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. A crew member on our last cruise on Navigator suggested my wife drank ginger ale and ate a green apple to help with sea sickness. She had used wrist bands and Dramamine up to that point but felt much better after she started with the Apple and ginger ale.
  9. We did the transatlantic from Southampton to Boston/New York on Navigator last November. The captain deviated off the planned route and south through the Bay of Biscay to avoid a storm coming from the north but we still had some rougher seas. My wife gets sea sick and spent quite a bit of time feeling rough and in bed the first few days. She had tablets and wristbands but they didn’t make much difference. In passing conversation one day with our cabin steward he said to eat a green apple (got to be green for some reason) and drink ginger ale. Although on some days she she didn’t like the up and down motion in the theatre she felt so much better for the rest of the cruise. At least one green apple a day and ginger ale is worth a try. It’s a big ship though and I didn’t particularly feel it moved a lot but I don’t get seasick so it’s easy for me to say that!
  10. For anyone interested in UK prices, just bought Voom Surf & Stream 2 Devices for £12.63 for Nov 18 Oasis cruise. 1 device was £11.37
  11. Thanks guys that’s super helpful 👍🏼👍🏼
  12. Thanks Matt, when you say beach chairs is that the type you find around the ship pools that you can either sit or lay on? Do they get taken quickly or is there plenty of them? Thanks
  13. Hi, Five of us going to Labadee in late November on Oasis. Three of us have a morning slot on the zip line but my mum and aunt will just want to sit on the beach that the zip line crosses in front of. Are the sun loungers/chairs on that beach free to use? I can see ‘sun loungers for two’ on the cruise planner but is that for the little semi circular sun shade type loungers on the picture or just the normal loungers (like you see around the ships pools). If the normal loungers are free to use, are there plenty of them or do we need to be straight of the ship as soon as possible to get one? Any advice welcome, thanks
  14. I have taken a case of 30 cans of Diet Coke in a small suitcase or soft bag, checked it in with luggage and not had a problem, it has been delivered to cabin. Others on here have said it must be carried on but that is not my experience.
  15. First time to Falmouth in November and was looking at booking Bamboo Beach Club, can I ask why it was not enjoyable. Thanks
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