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  1. Hey Folks. Hope everyone is well. First cruise is about 6 weeks away and I was wondering if there was a quick and easy way to pre-pay the daily gratuities? Any other things I should be doing before I board the ship? As always - Thank you all!
  2. Hi Everyone, Taking our first ever cruise in March and we are travelling with our 7 year old son. Don't know how adventurous I want to be in Mexico with the little man, but are there any close, safe beaches at or near these ports that don't require a long cab ride? Looking for a relaxing beach with not too much activity with calm swimmable water to spend a nice relaxing day at. Safety is my number one concern. Any tips and suggestions would be appreciated. I know a big part of cruising is getting off the ship and exploring but the Mrs. is hesitant to do too much with our son. Is there anything to do (aside from shops and restaurants) at those particular ports? Thanks again!
  3. Hey Everyone, Hope you are all well. Was just on the Cruise Planner and noticed a BOGO 2 night Dining Package for $39.30CAD for my sailing on Indy - March 4-9, 2019...I had originally purchased a First Night Done Right package for $26.20CAD, but this looks like a way better deal - FYI
  4. Same here...Re-booked my Refreshment Package last night fine, but have had zero luck logging into the Cruise Planner since 8am this morning...Will keep trying!
  5. We got a really great deal on a three night stay at Embassy Suites on 17th for post cruise, so I'm glad to see that location is good and walking distance to restaurants. Any malls close by there? And we booked a one night stay (pre-cruise) at the Hotel Morrison in Dania Beach...Fingers crossed, but I'm sure they'll be great. Thanks everyone.
  6. Hi Everyone. Travelling on our first cruise on Indy - March 2019. My wife and I are bringing our only child -boy who will be 7 as we cruise. Hearing great things about the Adventure Ocean Kids club. My questions are: 1) Is this something we would book on the cruise planner ahead of time (I would imagine space is limited) 2) Can we book him in there for a hour a day or are we married too having to leave him in there for full or half days? Any help or shared experiences would be appreciated.
  7. Hi Everyone...Hope you are all well. Taking my wife and 7 year old son on our first Cruise next March (after lots of convincing) and was wondering what people have used for motion sickness (especially for kids)...What's better, sea-band, patch or OTC drugs? Curious to hear what has worked for you and your families and any other tips you might have. Travelling on Independence of the Seas - March 4-9, 2019 Thanks, JG
  8. Can you only pre-book Entertainment onboard when you're 30 days out? Or how soon can you book this type of stuff.
  9. Thanks @Matt....Is there typically a sail away party or something we shouldn't miss in the first hour or so? We are travelling with our 7 year old son, so the earlier dining time works in that regard - especially for specialty dining, but just wanted to make sure we weren't missing out on any cool experiences.
  10. So I just booked the "First Night Done Right" dining option for our (first ever) cruise in March on Indy. It worked out great as sail away day is actually my wife's birthday. I originally had 6pm seating in my cart, but it sold out before I could execute the purchase (who knew)...Anyway we've booked a 5:30pm seating now and I'm just curious if I should move it to 6:30pm...Would I be missing something special during the first hour or so as we sail off (welcome party or something like that)...Since this is our first cruise I'd hate to miss something cool while getting ready for an early dinner in our room.
  11. I too just booked a refreshment package last night for $26.20 CAD ($20 USD/day) last night for my March cruise on Indy....C'mon Black Friday!! :)
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