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  1. I get this! I could eat sushi every day. Perfect snack before bed
  2. When we have UDP, we usually do Izumi for lunch, early. We love sashimi and find that if we don't eat a lot of rice we wont be crazy full for dinner.
  3. Hi My name is Staci. My husband, J., and I are looking forward to our first repositioning cruise. We are empty nesters from Texas. Looking forward to cruising again.
  4. Thank you all. This will be our first time using Air2Sea. I appreciate your input. Staci
  5. We usually fly into our port city the day prior to a cruise. However, looking at RCCL flights to Barbados and it has one arriving day of the cruise. This makes me nervous. I am afraid if we have a mechanical and the flight is late or canceled, we are completely out of luck.
  6. We decided to go for it as well. Staying in a Jr. Suite on repositioning (Barbados to Galveston) 10 night cruise = 40 points for the cruise and we'll be Diamond after this cruise.
  7. We are on Oasis OTS March 3. Right now, The Thermal Suite Couples Week Pass is $150 online. Is this the same price on board or is this a discount? Thanks so much Staci
  8. I buy the Christmas ornament on each ship. I've never seen it discounted. I just buy it early in the cruise.
  9. It took me a full 2 weeks after our Allure cruise, very unlike me. It was annoying but did go away. So sorry you aren't feeling well.
  10. Can you use Mobile Passport at Port Canaveral?
  11. It has not dropped below $52 for March 3, 2019 Oasis OTS. Watching every day (more like stalking) for 6 months.
  12. I private messaged RCI via FB and asked who will be CD on Oasis March 3, 2019 and was told Jeffrey Peters Arpin. Has anyone cruised w/ him?
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