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  1. We cruise in two weeks and I looked at the Aruba Visitor.gov page. It states a pcr test is required within 72 hours of visiting. Are they requiring this for daytrip cruisers?
  2. Our last cruise in January on Grandeur, there was a fellow down the hall in his room in "time out". Security was stationed there for 24 hours and food was brought to the room. No further issues the rest of the cruise. I think he and one of his buddies got out of the way. It was handled well by the staff, we thought.
  3. How was it? Last minute thoughts on adventures or cool eats at port?
  4. Hey folks, I received deluxe drink offer for $44 day for Grandeur Jan 12. I'm not a big drinker but that's the best I've seen for this trip.
  5. We depart Baltimore, and trip includes St.Kitts, St.Croix, Sint Maarten, St.Johns Antigua, St.Lucia. Wahoo. Here we come sunshine.
  6. We live in NC. It is great to not fly prior to cruise.
  7. Hi cruisers, My name is Krissi Williams and I will be traveling for our third family cruise with Royal in January 2019 on GOTS with my boys 10 and 13. The first two were 10 day trips and this will be 12 days!! We are excited about the itinerary. We look forward to making new friends and seeing new places.
  8. Ray, thank you so much for sharing your adventures. I hope its the best birthday and that your wife continues to enjoy her cruising after her initial reservations...
  9. We actually had the chilled fruit soup served in glass with straws for my little guys (6 and 9 at the time) because it was easier to handle. They came in pretty martini style glasses and both kids finished all their "soup".
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