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  1. For $50 it oughta float ... just below the plimsol mark ... and by golly no listing either!!
  2. Hey Joe, my wife says use Downey Wrinkle Release?? spray, pack it up in the suitcase. She says spray it on then take the garment in both hands by the bottom and pop it (I guess she means like popping the sand off a beach towel). You're in for a great wrinkle free cruise!! pops
  3. Hey Dina, we love the Libby, crew, activities, coffee, dining, atmosphere, mall, music, drinks, plus some. If you are driving in from the east, in May, I-10 was a grease fire (hwy construction) from Beaumont to Lake Charles (maybe the fire will be out by Feb). If your cruise is even half as good as ours was, you're in for a great time. Pops
  4. Your mama would probably want to here your choir cut their teeth on this tune instead: JOHNNY HORTON Go And Wash Your Dirty Feet Lyrics When I was a little boy, bare-footed, I'd like to go In the spring or summertime, there was no ice or snow When I was tired and nearly dead, these are the words that Mamma said Go and wash those dirty feet before you go to bed When I would get out off school, I could hardly wait I'd have my brogans in my hand before I'd hit the gate I'd wrought them plain till nearly dead, that same old line, Mamma always said Go and wash those dirty feet before you go to bed -Solo- When winter's passed and the violets bloom and the springtime rose around My tiny feet got to itchin' so to touch the cool cool ground But I remember what Mamma said, those words still echo through my head Go and wash those dirty feet before you go to bed -Solo- I draw the water from the well and grab the Old Ma's teeth Just a-fussin' and a-fumin' like any ordinary man But if I'm brushin' off instead, Mamma would make my bottom red Go and wash them dirty feet before you go to bed
  5. As long as the little "THE PLUMBING IS BACKED UP" box in the Cruise Compass doesn't have a a check in it, don't worry about how long it will take to the next port and their time zone. I guess I shouldn't break the news but the last lifeboat on the port side is a jury rigged outhouse.
  6. I'd bet the ranch you and family will still have a very good time together and I'm pulling for you! pops
  7. Hey, good luck on those extra vacation days. Purt near impossible to run out of things to do on the Libby ... have a great time!! pops
  8. Well said and ditto. Thought I heard a news clip this am that RC was sending a cruise ship to one of the damaged islands to help in some way. pops
  9. Hey RJ, this particular led has NEBO on the face, about the size of a single light switch, only deeper to accommodate batteries and leds, etc: https://www.rcplanet.com/tools/pit-table-lights/nebo-flipit-portable-led-light-2-pack-asg6523/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3qHFpK6M1gIVCatpCh38YAIMEAYYASABEgLv2_D_BwE you can probably find them a bit cheaper locally ... pops
  10. Liberty is underway now ... in the wake of Carnival Breeze moving toward the sea buoy: http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-94.7/centery:29.2/zoom:11 pops
  11. Yep, I used to have one of those in the tool closet in the garage, the newer ones out are way brighter than the old one I bump with the heel of my hand. pops
  12. Hey RJ, thanks ... yep we're 50 minutes from Arkansas so just 2'" of rain but not enough wind to blow it sideways. Glad you could find Henry's too, Walmart only stocks it around here and sometimes it may not get restocked for a few weeks so we keep a few bags at home as a back up. My wife's taste buds said 4 heaping scoops/32 oz h2o was pretty close to what the "Liberty" was cooking in May. I originally bought a few of those lights for mom at an assisted living for power outages plus a closet that had no lighting (I velcrosed it on a wall where she could flip the switch). The facility won't allow any hardwired or extension corded 110v lighting. The place was built in the 90s, must have been a code violation for assisted living then. They are way brighter than those receptacle hallway night lights but they come in several different led configurations, just get the 5000 temperature kelvin/color correct ones with the most led bulbs inside and has the standard light switch on the face. We're down in Biloxi for the holidays, I'll let you know more about ours in a few days. I don't believe the AAA batteries will power it up at the ceiling for an entire room allowing you to read a newspaper but at lamp height you could read. pops
  13. These wireless led lights w/switch are fantastic even for power outage lighting at home or car emergency ... pretty much better than a lantern: https://www.amazon.com/Promier-Wireless-Switch-Diamond-Vision/dp/B01IDLCKGE/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1504390314&sr=8-6&keywords=wireless+led+light+switch We bought them locally and saved. Get the brightest you can put your hands on. pops
  14. If you start feeling queasy. find the horizon and keep your eyes on it .. tends to level that inner gyroscope. Good luck all ... pops
  15. Hey Diane, we had a balcony cabin on deck 9/Liberty starboard side ... your youngsters' stateroom is bigger and ours was fine for my wife/me. I'm 6'3 210 and probably outweigh the three of them. This site might help: http://www.royalcaribbeanincentives.com/ship/liberty-of-the-seas/deck-plan/ You all are in for a great time ... pops
  16. I watched refueling barges pull up alongside the Liberty very early in Galveston ... the Carnival ship at our bow was already refueling from a barge. Forklifts all over the place were moving dollies of bags to the claim area while refrigeration trucks were already unloading chow by the pallet and forking them aboard. Balconies, etc. were prepared for a good scrubbing of the ship ahead of departure. The crews looked like they had done this a few times ... or to put it another way "a well oiled machine". pops
  17. Thank you Doc ... I really enjoy reading your experiences, comments and tips.  You do a lot of good around here!


  18. Great report Sandy ... I remember the ship being a bit crowded the 2nd week in May too. Our group of six really had a great time, visited with many nice folks (never ran into so many engineers on a vacation), some who'd cruised on that ship many times.
  19. We ate the last shift ... I'd say at 10pm the lights are out in the MDR. The smell of bacon and coffee in the mornings on deck 6 will remind you of grandma's house and that old wood burning stove.
  20. Sorry about the Empress, I'd say give them some feedback and see what happens. You'd think you could get a cup easily because few people would be drinking the stuff on that cruise, which would send up a red flag. If people quit booking the ship, that might send up a red flag too. pops
  21. Fighting the 6 hrs of traffic to and from the nearest ports seems like something worthy to hate.
  22. Hey Iman1, we'd go in a heartbeat if the schedule wasn't so busy. Don't know if you sailed on the Libby before, but you're in for a treat! Have a great time! pops
  23. Seems our lifeboat number matched the number/letter, may have something to do with side and position on the ship (Libby). pops
  24. We had a Chinese girl, Jing Jing, on her first contract serving us in the MDR, great smile, laugh, grace. Our steward from the Philippines was on his 6th contract, started out in the engine room. Very personable, kept our quarters perfect. Hope we get both of them again. pops
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