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  1. I’m from the UK, so postage charges may be pricey if you’re not from here, where are you from?
  2. As well as Caribbean, also pricing up Japan cruises with Royal Caribbean. There’s two cruises that we looked up, both going to 3 ports. One is on the Quantum from Shanghai, and the other is on the Ovation from Tianjin. Which ship is better? Is there a difference? Does one have something the other one doesn’t? Thanks in advance.
  3. Are the models worth 50 dollars? Do they have a matte finish or do they look sort of shiny like porcelain?
  4. I think with the oasis class behemoths the ports arent as good as a cruise on something like rhapsody of the seas because of the size, but the interior of the oasis class ships make up for that
  5. Going on Oasis of the Seas next July, and I was wondering if the shop on board sells different model ships, not just the one you are on. For example, if you are on board Mariner of the Seas, could you buy a scale model of Liberty of the Seas, or would you have to go on that ship to get that model? I would really like to get a couple of different models on board.
  6. Thinking about doing an Eastern Caribbean cruise, would be flying from Manchester, England. The price of the whole cruise comes out at £3939 for Allure and £4029 for Oasis, so not worried about the price. Are there any differences in service/food quality or any noticeable things that differ these ships from one another?
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