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  1. Thanks everyone. Can't wait for our 1st cruise!
  2. Hi I've read about the ships not changing times when they move time zones and to be careful for sail away as they'll be on ship time not local time. For the Bahamas is there any difference in the time? I assume not as they're currently on the same time as Orlando but wanted to double check in case there's any clock changes due. We sail 2nd Oct? Thanks.
  3. Thanks @cruise-ythat's not good the unique things were what I was looking forward to most!
  4. Does anyone have pics of the new MDR menus? Even if subject to change something new to drool over is always good!
  5. Fab Thanks @RestingBirds
  6. I've had it once at a spa and once at a cenote in Mexico where the fish were naturally occurring. It's tickly as anything and when you pull your feet out they come with you holding on until the last minute! There are apparently some health risks https://www.symptomfind.com/health/fish-pedicures/
  7. Not sure what my phone was doing there!
  8. Thanks. Will make sure and do some. Do you happen to know how much the gear is to rent? Thanks @KLAconQueso @KLAconQuesohatewhen they do that... I get its from a safety point of view but ugh I hate wearing them! Oh yes the famous Rexy... Im on Nick's page on Facebook she's such a cutie! Hoping we can do the walk looks nice but not nice enough to pay the excursion cost!
  9. Considering taking some cheap snorkel gear to Coco Cay, is it worth it? I read there was a wreck and a sunken plane? Are they easy to find? Also I saw someone post pics of a big lizard that looked like it was by a small inlet or pond... Is that part of the nature trail? I know there's the guided walk as an excursion but can you walk all over the island on your own? Thanks ?
  10. Oops typo... That should be non RC not month RC #facepalm
  11. @GrubbyGrubblesthese are the ones I have in my basket to buy before we cruise in October. http://Cruise Luggage Tags Holders 8 Pc for Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruise Ships (Eight-New) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00X6M2CFA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_yabwzbS8BEQKD
  12. Hi all Was seeing on another cruise site about the Nassau port day timing changes and lo and behold I got my confirmation today. Instead of 7am to 12 midnight the timing will now be 8am til 9pm. No explanation. We had planned to do a month RC excursion leaving the docks at 815. Looks like we'll have to do something else instead! Looks like this is a standard change to timings based on the variety of people who have said they're impacted!
  13. Thanks. We love hot sauces so will make sure and get some. Thanks for the tips... If we make it to St Thomas I'll be sure and grab some in your honour ?
  14. Thanks arebee. Oooh any particular kind of hot sauce? Love Fat Tuesday... Will grab a drink there for sure. Never been to St Thomas or St Maarten... But if they do good rum they're on the "to visit" list They're on the list! Thanks
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