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  1. Greetings, During our recent Oasis stop in Saint Martin, I did the Down Hill Trek and did not have a great time. When I disembarked and met the guide on the pier she was a little distracted and inattentive. We walked over to the bus stop and filled out a wavier, then waited about 20 minutes for a bus. We got on that bus drove through Phillipsburg and parked at a construction site for 20 minutes. Then, a smaller bus pulled up and the guide told us we were on the wrong bus. After that we went straight to the park. We offloaded and were offered walking sticks (take one) and got on
  2. I was just on Oasis two weeks ago. We went to NextCruise and talked to a very nice man, who really gave us no compelling reason to book anything. One good thing about NextCruise is you can run through a lot of Itineraries and ships very quickly. This really helps narrow the scope of your search and proved booking early saves the most money. Ultimately the cruise we wanted wasn't available yet (Allure Summer 2019).
  3. We just stayed in 14226 on Oasis (Sister to Allure). We could hear running and some thumping during the day, but at night not a peep was heard. It was actually louder in the hallway a couple doors down from our stateroom. That area would have held interior staterooms but was filled with the pool and accompanying infrastructure. There was some buzzing and humming audible in the hall. I liked deck 14 for easy access to pool deck and Wind Jammer.
  4. True, you cant please everybody but a little common courtesy on all sides goes a long way.
  5. I don't smoke but I don't mind smoking sections. Live and let live. However, there are reasons cruise lines fear smokers, and its another case of idiots ruining it for everybody.
  6. We are doing a Navigator Baltic cruise in June. We are going to bite the bullet and take the Stonehenge tour which drops us off at Heathrow afterwards. We just could not resist seeing Stonehenge, but its not cheap.
  7. But Disney will soon have Star Wars........ I would agree that Disney is better for younger kids. However its huge and if you have never been it can be very intimidating. Have you considered using a Travel Agent (TA)? They can be very helpful with this type of package deal. Without getting into the minutia of rack rates at Disney hotels, TA's can be very helpful in getting the best deal. MEI is good and has worked very well for me.
  8. Does seem a little counter-intuitive. The whole point of the compound is keep the aggressive people out. Will definitely keep an eye on this.
  9. For me JR's is all about the Milkshakes.
  10. I don't love it, I hope it will grow on me.
  11. I heard a rumor the the Royal Caribbean Blog store was going to have Lanyards soon. Any truth to that Matt?
  12. MEI is great. My MEI TA (Jacki) also keeps an eye of the sales, automatically. It's great to get an email letting me know the fare went down and I picked up some OBC. On my upcoming B2B on Oasis I had to re-book because RL got in the way and all it took was an email to Jacki. I know most of that doesn't apply to the group cruise but a TA sure makes life easier. She also handled a Disney World vacation for me.
  13. This is the Fiscal Year 2017 Cruise ship schedule from Port Canaveral: https://www.portcanaveral.com/PortCanaveral/media/Cruise-Assets/FY2017/Master-Cruise-Schedule.pdf Oasis seems to have a "Scheduled" time of 06:00 AM. I'm sure results vary due to an almost limitless amount of factors.
  14. My MEI TA (Jacki) also does European River cruises. A TA could be very helpful in answering a lot of your questions.
  15. Greetings fellow cruise connoisseurs, Going on an Oasis B2B out of Port Canaveral and was wondering about parking. The Port does not have an option for 14 days of parking. I was wondering what others have done? Get off during turnaround day and run the car out and back in? Leave it and hope they don't notice? Use off-site lot? Or some sort of local hotel cruise and park package? Thank You
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