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  1. So sad...I didn't get time off for the group cruise =( I may be able to go on harmony in October for my birthday though. Also my family left it up to me to plan our family trip next year so I picked Symphony of the seas in May from Barcelona to Italy....aaaaaaahhhhhhh.Soooooo excited!!!!!!!! The 'problem' is that this sailing has port of call that I actually want to explore, I won't get that much time on the ship..so I will HAVE to go on the Symphony twice to get the full experience. Damn! hehehe
  2. Hey guys. This is my first time on this blog and my first time booking a Royal Caribbean cruise. I usually book with Cruisesonly and they usually give me perks and incentives for continuing to book with them usually in the form of OBC. I am trying to decide if doing this group cruise with you all would be worth giving up those incentives. So convince me guys...what's the big deal with 'group cruising'? What kind of 'special group activities' would be worth giving up several hundreds of $$ worth of OBC? thanks!
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