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27 minutes ago, Jill said:

So what would your (all of us collectively) “news of a lifetime” be? 


-No more masking or pre cruise testing.

-You're now able to (and encouraged to) push chair hogs into the pool

-Lobster night will now have actual lobsters served instead of oversized crawfish

-Bridge tours will allow passengers to drive the ship

-They're introducing new technology where a day on a cruise ship lasts 48 hours instead of 24.

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One of these:

a) Overnight accomodations at Coco Cay

b) Acquisition of another "widget." Thinking about how Carnival Cruiseline purchased the White Pass/Yukon Railroad in Skagway

c) New partnership with some "celebrity"

d) Acquisition of another line or new class of ship

e) World Cruise 

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23 minutes ago, smokeybandit said:

That sure would be a downer if the announcement is something they announced 2 years ago



What else could it be?

Ovation doing something different ? Hawaii?

Something different in the Arctic?

‘Someone suggested a world cruise but that’s not like RCI Maybe more like celebrity.

Someone reported,next cruise said Wonder will be home ported in Japan?

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