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  1. Use this : https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade Use your last name then your Reservation ID.
  2. I don't think Labadee reopening in the next six months. There is zero guarantee of safety in the private area. Rumors as to the locals having already breaching the fences and sacking the "island". That means they will have to rebuild. Once government services (i.e. police or military type infrastructure) are restored it will take at least a season to rebuild. As I outline these reasons, I don't see this reopening in the next year even. Even a year after the government stabilizes. They will change your itinerary as the departure dates draw nearer.
  3. I was on a cruise where they had a "Puff and Puke" party the day before the end of the cruise. Yes, the Cruise Director actually called it "Puff and Puke". The purpose was to consume the Cubans before they were illegal.
  4. Are you a room service person? If you are that might be the tipping point. If you order three or four times you could be to the good with the Key. That is the only other incentive I see that would be a deal maker.
  5. Thank you for the reassurance!!! This is another example of why I love this community.
  6. I'm farther out than 2 weeks (more like 4), but I'm 100% same. I WANT to visit the French side to get a geocache (it is my VERY serious hobby). Bernard's is my chosen way to go. The last time I was in St. M I didn't get to the french side. In fact it was a miserable. I was in the first stages of Noro. It was a "fun" cruise. When you get back share with us how it goes.
  7. "We're sorry, this restaurant is not available during this meal time or one or more of your selected guests do not meet the minimum requirements" What the heck does that mean? Minimum requirements? I'm feeling snarky...so like they can get a booty in a seat? Whaaat?
  8. Maybe a better phrasing of the question would be, Once on board could I book on the app and still get the 25% discount, or do I have to walk up to a person and book to get that discount. I didn't even think to ask if you booked on the app pre-boarding or on board. @IRMO12HD First, Have a great time! I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
  9. I wonder if those with the key can book on the app and qualify for the 25% off onboard booking for specialty?
  10. I'm on the Jewel Dec 23. We had both of those ports. San Juan stayed, but Labadee is not seeing anyone. It was finally swapped to Nassau. I expect yours will change soon.
  11. This is very much my experience. I had a port change on the calendar in the CP but the side bar in the planner was just missing those days entirely. (It started at Day 3). It took about two weeks for the cancelled port's excursions to stop showing and the new port to offer excursions. It was weird Royal Caribbean IT voodoo.
  12. I think the standard is the 1-3 days from sailing surprise. I do wish they would give more lead time so I could plan more.
  13. Anyone care to speculate on what this incident was? Flooding, fire, smoke. What would cause all of these on Deck 1?
  14. It will be my first time to Nassau. I will be going ashore because I will want to find some geocaches and claim a new country. After several visits, I might not be so eager.
  15. What kind of a game changer would this be if med teams on ships were able to administer this on board? I think this would further widen the "normal" activity aboard. I'm thinking it would bring COVID to the status level of Noro infections.
  16. I have gotten all my reprices as cc refunds too.
  17. I wonder if it is to keep the "bubble"?
  18. This is a great question. I plan to be scouting the site as well.
  19. I have a piggy back question. Does the non-alcohol package (with mocktails) cover specialty coffees? ** I know not Starbucks.
  20. Does any one have experience with Tin Leg? It was an option from my TA.
  21. That is so early to have an offer accepted. How nice to know early! That would be awesome if you got!
  22. My cruise is over Christmas. We were scheduled for Labadee. We did get an updated port until two weeks ago. There was no rush in a) getting the update b) getting the excursions in to the cruise planner. That updated on Monday.
  23. We need to know how far out @Sea Squirrel's cruise is!
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