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14 minutes ago, MattG said:

Hey thanks! How did you find this?

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6 minutes ago, Sweety said:

For my retirement, I will probably do one leg of the cruise. Reality is setting in. Called Hubby and he just held the phone. Maybe I can sell him on one of the legs of the cruise. I retired in 2024. Let me dream.

Same! Only I'm not retiring, we will be having our 20th wedding anniversary. Here is hoping!


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Just received an email from Royal regarding the subject. For Diamond and above members, on the Serenade. I would go nuts on a small ship like the Serenade for a cruise this long! Here's a partial cut and paste:

Get ready for a hemisphere hopping expedition that’s
going to top any voyage in your cruise history. As a loyal
Crown & Anchor® Society member, you’re the first to hear about
the Ultimate World CruiseSM onboard Serenade of the Seas®.
It's a 274-night adventure to all seven continents where you’ll
discover over 150 destinations across 65 countries —
including 57 ports that are new for Royal Caribbean® — and
11 World Wonders. All while bonding with new friends and
like-minded explorers. This is the world cruise of world
cruises — debuting December 2023.
As a valued DIAMOND member, book now during your priority window through
October 26, 2021 to secure your spot and favorite stateroom.







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I just did a cost analysis for a balcony cabin for us.  If we take no cruises next year and this is our cruises for 2023 and 2024, the cost on food, wine, and gasoline we would save, our final cost would be about $55000 each including taxes/fees and insurance.  Wow that really reduces the cost down from $83500 each.  We can now book it. LOL

Hubby said he might consider it if we sold the RV.  Hmmmmm.

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